Libra November 2015 Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-10-22, 2470 views

Frustrations to deepen unless you take action and address them as quickly as possible! Especially at the beginning of November, you might feel as if that the answer to many of your problems consists in having a healthy and predictable way of living. Right! Even if it is so, the Libra November 2015 monthly horoscope suggests some sort of difficulty in putting your solution into effect. And that is for the planetary transits in Virgo – Jupiter, Mars and Venus – placed in the twelfth astrological house in your chart. 

Being dependent of people’s opinions

That means it’s not enough to know the right answer, but to have the decisiveness to face problems and actually do the right thing. Otherwise, frustrations will only deepen and anxiety indications will show up.

They could be mainly translated into insomnias or digestive problems. Even this is one of your most distinguishing feature and you usually live with it very well, November brings along two sensitive conjunction that the Black Moon is to form with Venus and then with Mars in the second half of the month.

Chances are for you to feel those astrological aspects like someone puts his/her finger on the evil. 

Learn to see the inappropriateness

The question here is whether you will choose to stick to your real self and show it to those around you at the risk of being judged or you will just find the way to behave so that people will see in you what they expect. A little manipulation –not to say resorting to lies – is need for the second option.

Irrespective of the manner you choose to manage those sensitive moments, you are to face, during the second half of November, some of the feedback you will receive from husband/wife from collaborators or just from people with whom you have social connections with, that will appear extremely rude and inappropriate for the given circumstances. I guess they just want to say the truth, but they can’t find an elegant way to do it.

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