Libra November 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-10-23, 4037 views

A celebratory month ahead with you coming to terms with some things you did in the past, either because something new happens or because you all of a sudden just feel more confident.

You might even feel as if it is time to go on some kind of adventure, although may not necessarily be offered the right occasion for that. What is for certain is that energy is being consumed and you are also learning something from what you are experiencing.

A good time for certain acquisitions, small things along with important things, long term and short term. You have the courage to take chances and although you most likely have this safety net, it is still something important what you are doing.

Planning for others

The first few days are going to be quite filled with work and planning for others. You might find yourself in the position to work more to define what others are doing that to work for yourself.

This will most likely put you in a position of power, make you feel depended upon but there is also a word of caution associated to this. You need not think that too much of the fate of those you are assisting is in your hands.

You are not entitled to make choices on their behalf and you should resume to what you are helping them with. If you don’t succeed in putting these barriers up you might be in a bit of a trouble, especially with those who realize that you are overstepping some boundaries.

Around the 9th you will be very interested in your finances and those of people around and you will most likely try to control this at home as well.

What you get to do

The first two weekends of the month are going to be quite productive and you will probably prefer to leave fun aside for something more practical.

The good news is that you get to do a lot of things around the house and at the same time, there will be plenty of occasions to laugh.

If you get to involve your family as well, or perhaps friends, chances are that you will not only accomplish your goals but you will also have a good time while doing this.

In case you receive help from someone, don’t hesitate to offer your own helping hand and keep in mind that you need to return the favor. Don’t make any false promise just because you feel that this is the moment to do them but don’t delay this too much either.

Look beyond appearances

From the 15th onwards, a bit of caution is required in your relationship with your partner as Venus seems to be playing some tricks between the two of you. Either that messages are misplaced or misunderstood, expectations might be failed and other such could happen.

If you need or want something, then say it directly. If you are exaggerating, you should get this vibe from your significant other. But it is best during this period to play with all the cards on the table.

Some transformational opportunities might happen in your personal life, not necessarily having to do with your love life, but surely impacting it. Perhaps you are part of a certain project or just find yourself in a situation that brings in certain thoughts.

In any case, use the days around the 20th for some meditation and a bit of spirituality. You won’t necessarily feel any straight away effects but there will be some interesting underlying changes that take place.

Different interactions

You are blessed in terms of creative efforts and any activities in which you have to use your brain will seem to go a lot smoother than they have in the past months.

Perhaps this has to do with Mars activity but also with the new levels of motivation you seem to stumble across in a particular area of your life.

Some natives might find themselves in the position to want a career change while others will want to remain in the same field, but will come with novelty or improvement.

There is a word of caution for the end of the month and this pertains to your interactions with people who are not really your friends or you can’t even call them acquaintances, perhaps neighbors or others you don’t really interact with on a frequent basis.

You can never know what someone has in mind and thus try not to make assumptions over what they would want or like or how you should behave with them in particular situations.

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