Libra November 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-10-22, 7056 views

You are magnetic and charming this November so don’t be surprised if you are going to be the target of some romantic propositions. Don’t worry, there is nothing to dread and you might even get on board and go to some dates.

Temptation will range from romance to work as it seems that there may be some games and some strategies you can build at work to get more influence and you seem to be very enticed by them.

You may even get so inspired by them that you will try attracting other people into these games. You will enjoy the reactions of others and seeing how quick they realize the opportunities you lay in front of them.

A dent in the financials

There is a downside to those love temptations we’ve just mentioned, as it seems that these may also bring a dent in your pocket.

You are quick to lose your temper over money wasted but it seems that during the times you are actually wasting your money, you are very indulgent.

With a bit of planning, you might be able to stay away from such sensible situations. Also, you may find that a family member is willing to help if you are short cashed.

Try not to take advantage of their offer too much because this is also something that may come at a price, price that may have to do with the respect you currently hold in front of your family members.

Friend troubles

After the 10th, you may enter in a complicated saga with a friend, all starting from an impulsive conversation you would have had some time ago. There are suspicions from both sides that neither part is honest with the other and this will create a tense climate.

On the other hand, it is exactly this tension that will keep you together and will prevent you from falling apart on this occasion. Whether another friend gets involved or you manage to talk through the situation, things are likely to settle in a couple of days.

Some natives may be required to travel by work so this will also give them some time away to really consider what has happened.

What happens at work

It seems that during the second half of November you will be quite authoritarian with your colleagues at work and will prefer for things to be done at your rhythm. You are very keen on impressing your superiors but you should also acknowledge who’s help you have received.

If you don’t do this, gossip will follow and the next time around, you won’t be able to reason with anyone when you will require help again.

After the 20th, you may also find that a collaborator is changing boats and abandons you for a competitor. You may still be able to win them back but you will need to come up with an offer that also means you will compromise on something you hold dear.

Relaxing times

Finally, the last week of November will surround you with the warmth of your family and there will be a lot of entertaining occasions.

Use this time to properly relax as you may not get such days for a long time, probably until the next holidays. You may also have some time to rekindle a passion of yours and surely this is a good time for hobbies of all sorts.

Be careful with your health these days because although there aren’t any real pressures or difficult work to do, if you neglect sleep and eating well, stress from the past will make itself felt straight away and ruin your good time.

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