Libra November 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-10-21, 4862 views

This November will increase your confidence in yourself and may also boost your social position a little but this, only if you get involved with whatever the stars are throwing at you. Stay at home and avoidant and you will not learn anything.

Get out there and be relaxed, you will be surprised by how much you can achieve just with this attitude. On the same note, try to be less judgmental of yourself and don’t take personally any comments of other people.

The ball is in your court in your love life as well so this month it is sort of your time to steer the direction, whether you are just trying to take the first steps with your crush or are already in a relationship about which you want to change some things.

During the second half of the month you may reap some results of a past endeavours, perhaps a moment when you helped someone very important and now they are returning the favour. At first, you may be surprised by the fact that someone else is supporting your dreams with no hidden agenda but instead of overthinking this, you might as well enjoy it.

The only word of caution is to not leave the above get to your head because there may be moments of low as well and you need to tackle those with patience and resilience and not let yourself disillusioned.

Use your intuition more

How the first week of November will go for you depends on how you are going to perceive it. For some this may look like a turning point whilst others will just work through the challenges, without taking a moment to figure out what is happening.

You are invited to be introspective and to use your intuition at this start and perhaps you will not end up feeling as if everything is against you, just because there have been several things you needed to deal with recently.

Some natives may also feel this isolation and discouragement, but this is only going to be a transitory feeling, so they shouldn’t invest too much attention into this.

And on top of all, the Sun Neptune trine aspect debuting on the 6th will make you even more sensitive to the environment and you will attempt to spend as much time as possible in your community.

This is a great time to meditate a bit on your place in the world and on what impact achieving your goals could have on those around.

The challenge around this time is to not sacrifice your own desires just because this is what you think others need. It may even be that your best accomplishments this month will come from activities that you deemed to be completely selfish.

How to avoid Mercury’s effects

The second half of the month is marked by Mercury retrograde so do expect for any of your plans that involve important communication aspects to stagnate.

Whilst you will still be very diplomatic and tactful, the spark is definitely going to miss from what you are trying to send across.

The best thing you can do is to double check everything you are sending and to try and clarify anything that may carry the potential of a misunderstanding from early on in advance.

This particular Mercury retrograde movement may also have a focus on family life so be careful about what kind of discussions are taking place in the home as there is some potential for confusion and deception.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 23rd may bring some well-deserved liberation, however, be careful to where you are focusing your efforts because you might end up misguided. The key during this time is to allow your frustrations to transpire only in your intimate circle and to try and be as reserved as possible with everyone else.

You may also feel emotionally attacked by your partner if they are demanding certain things but be careful because they might actually be right, in case they are referring to things you have promised you would do.

Around the 27th, there is a favourable aspect forming with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in the spotlight. This will bring good luck to most natives and some occasions of good news. This is definitely your chance to relax and look ahead at what the next month is going to bring for you.

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