Libra October 2015 Monthly Horoscope

By Iulia Trandafir on 2015-09-23, 2597 views

Unbalancing issues to appear in your relationships so don’t say you haven’t been warned by the Libra October 2015 monthly horoscope. Until October 9, Mercury going retrograde through Libra makes you very sensitive to the behaviours and words of others. Disproportionate reactions might appear from you and therefore, it would be wise to refrain yourselves from acting decisively in the mentioned time. 

Traditional ties

After October 10, the direct motion of Mercury will allow you to act more peaceful and moderate in order to display your openness for agreements and partnerships. However, challenges won’t lack as the planet will form tense aspects, especially after October 20. It’s about a square to Pluto and then an opposition to Uranus that makes it almost impossible for you to remain calm and balanced.

The first tense aspect brings to the light old sores that traditionalism used to provide with a feeling of safety or of being in control of your life. Now a conflict might appear between traditionalism and the need for feeling equal in marriage or other partnerships and that shakes the basement of your security. 

Anxiety needs a remedy to keep you in health

The second tense aspect brings the probability of sudden developments linked to your husband/wife, a business collaborator or even to a law suit, if this is your case. Something that had been delayed or suppressed in the past comes now to the foreground with a stronger force.

The fear of dealing directly with the issue might lead some natives to using omission, lies and even some sort of manipulation to keep a certain relationship going on. It can’t last that way for ever and I don’t think it is even conceivable in the context.

Jupiter, Mars and Venus transiting Virgo mean three planets on the twelve astrological house of your chart that is responsible for hidden things and feelings and might be an indicator for health problems.

You seem very determined to put your secret affairs in order, but, at the same time, there is a lot of stress and anxiety accompanying your endeavours. Tense aspects formed by those planets with Saturn and Neptune suggest tendencies to escape responsibilities or to let eventual moral issues be perpetuated. 

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