Libra October 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-09-24, 5027 views

New ideas and possible situations are going to revolve around you this October and it seems that this will give you a sense of peace and opportunity, whether or not you choose to action upon what is being thrown at you.

And talking about things coming your way, dear Libra, you may have to make an important decision following something that has happened in your family. It will be very interesting to follow the emotions you are going to experience whilst on this decision journey.

You may also be somewhat forced to work with new people, people with a different mentality from yours and this will bring both adrenaline and inspiration in your life.

Innovation in love? But of course …

Whilst during the first week of October you won’t really know where you are headed, it seems that things will become a lot clearer once you take someone else’s example. You will be very much surprised by the results of a life experience a close friend had and you are sort of going to try and replicate that.

This means bringing some new ideas in your love life and also challenging your partner both to get on board with this and to look for the benefits of it all.

Things are sort of cooling down and you may get some comfortable afternoons at home after the 17th, afternoons in which, if you are open enough, you will be able to acknowledge and be grateful for what you have.

In a hurry all the time

For your professional life, this October will seem like a continuous race with yourself and with your old habits. You are likely to be physically late for a lot of working days, but not because you cannot organize yourself properly but rather because you try to cram as much actions as possible in a small period of time.

The best lesson to learn after all these episodes certainly refers to you being a lot more patient and understanding that not all can be done immediately. Not to mention the fact that you are raising some standards for yourself and those around will adapt their expectations to what you have proven you can achieve.

Entrepreneurial spirit will also make a go at yourself so don’t be surprised if you will find yourself dreaming with your eyes open or even researching online about a particular business idea.

Emotional balance and physical health

During the first week of October and a couple of days in the second week, you are going to enjoy some sort of inner stability, which comes in to balance the other turmoil from your social life. You can strengthen your thoughts from the inside if you try to follow your intuition more.

You might feel the need to stand out and empathize with those around but this will charge you with negative feelings to be careful with that.

Get as much fresh air as you can, especially during mornings as it seems that this is something that will help recharge your batteries. Be careful with strenuous exercise this month, even if your exercise regimen is of this kind. There are some days of weakness, especially in the second half of the month, such as 23rd, 26th or 30th, that you should be especially careful about.

Ups and down with friendships

It seems that after the 3rd of the month some friendship relations may get cold, especially if you don’t have time to nurture them (naturally because of work and other family commitments). You may start receiving some mixed signals and won’t really know what to do.

On one hand you do want to keep your friends happy but on the other, there are things you need to tend to. Also, your partner may be quite critic towards your friends and their behavior. Needless to ay that this will add to the pressure you are feeling.

Luckily, after the 20th, it seems that most people are going to regain their sense and it might be easier to communicate and explain yourself. After this date, you might find that with a bit of fine tuning of your schedule, you will be able to fit in some social events.

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