Libra October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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It appears that your financial space is intensely activated this October so don’t be surprised if the topic of money will keep coming up, in different contexts. With the stars in various positions, even retrograde, there will be both difficulties and good moments.

But the key is to transform the difficulties in opportunities or at least in lessons to learn. You may also find that there is no need to get stuck on certain subjects and that life will still go on, regardless of the imagined worries you are making.

The aspects formed by Uranus with Mercury and then with the Sun will make you more prone to taking risks but you will sort of know, in the back of your mind, what you are doing so ultimately, you will be ok with the results you will be getting, whether positive or negative.

Some natives, especially under the influence of the Full Moon on the 24th, may feel the need for some drastic changes and their chosen aspect of life in which to implement something like this, will probably be the professional life because, again, this is where they feel they have the most to gain.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Sun conjunct Venus aspect occurring on the 26th will teach you a thing or two about hidden aspects of your personality and might change your perception over a critical aspect of your life. You will discover some new practical skills too.

Some expectations to meet

The first week of October is going to be slightly tricky because there is a risk of conflict arising between you and a family member and it will be difficult to navigate the aftermath of this. You wish for people to understand where you are coming from with what you are saying but at the same time don’t want to seem forceful either.

It may be that this situation is also linked to a sum of money so the stakes are quite high and you understand this. Perhaps this should warn you to pay any outstanding debt or similar financial commitments so you don’t end up in a difficult situation.

With the New Moon in your sign taking place on the 9th, this is your chance to reinvent yourself and to try new things. It may be that the change that is expected from you is a spiritual rather than material one so try to take some time to meditate.

Around the middle of the month we are again talking about money and some very last-minute gain. You are not prompted to invest it and perhaps partner with someone with whom you may have worked with in the past.

Towards the end of the month you will be expected to be very serious and attentive to your actions because it seems that you will not really be in the position to count on your charisma to get your way out of certain situations.

You will need to be correct if you wish for others to respect you and be the same with you. The example you are giving these days it’s going to be what you are receiving back.

The word of advice for the second half of the month is to be bold when it comes to new people and to try and forge new relationships. Take time to network because this is going to prove extremely beneficial, definitely more beneficial than spending time doing nothing, even if this relaxes you.

Special: Your love life this October

Be careful this October, dear Libra lover, because you don’t seem to be fully aware of the power of your words and of your actions. You are coming across as very attractive and might stir some passions.

It is going to be most dramatic for married and happily committed natives to steer clear of any temptations. Your personal confidence might be slightly shaken with the retrograde movement of Venus, which debuts on the 5th.

This might mean that you will be more prone to asking others for reassurance and this might make you appear to be weaker than you usually are. Some may not feel very comfortable with these feelings of inferiority, but they will go away just as fast as they came.

In some well-established relationships, this new movement of Venus might bring discussions on practical topics or resurface some past battles.

Around the middle of the month, it seems that possessiveness and controlling behaviours are going to run at an all-time high and some natives will suspect their loyal and dependable lovers of the most despicable actions, even if they didn’t really give any reasons.

It may also be that people will use this as an excuse to take revenge and flirt shamelessly, but this is not going to last longer than a couple of days.

For the single natives, it seems that towards the end of the month, with the Full Moon on the 24th, everyone around will seem like they are most interested to set them up. Some will be more open than others to play this game.

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