Libra October 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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October brings you a chance for a new beginning, an opportunity to change your attitude or life in a major and advantageous way.

Later in the month, the focus is on your income and assets, where you are inclined to be generous and even extravagant.

It seems that you are ready to fight for what you consider to be yours, in terms of property or home. However, you may be convinced to settle for less than you expected.

This is your month and you will feel under divine protection during these days. You are the center of attention and you have a great desire for communication.

Luck will be on your side and your energy will be overflowing, which will remain high until mid-November.

There is the possibility of sentimental fulfilment towards the end of October.

October highlights

You seem to benefit from great strength and focus this month and if you are committed your efforts will be rewarded.

The fact that a relatively good month from a financial point of view awaits will also be reflected in the family life.

You could enjoy beautiful moments with your loved ones, you can even go on a trip.

Around the middle of the month, any legal or negotiation matters you have had going on could be concluded in your favour and you should not see any more disturbance for a while.

Spend time with your friends, especially around the 24th because there are great chances for new projects or other opportunities.

You can most certainly capitalize on your popularity and even impress some new people in your entourage, perhaps people who are quite important.

Towards the end of the month try to cultivate your well-being and prioritise yourself. There are chances of important expenses so make sure you are also saving some money for rainy days.

This is also a good time for your self-development so any opportunity to sign up for classes or similar should be taken straightaway.

During or around the date of 30, you may be better off than usual financially. However, things are likely to change after the 31st, when Mercury begins to downgrade through the house of money and goods acquired through own efforts. Seek to change your financial habits.

Libra love horoscope for October 2019

This October the best love relationship for you would be one where change and experimentation can happen within the relationship, with both partners feeling totally at ease with it, but this is rare.

This month, Libra lovers can count on the support of those close by. People who love you will stand by you in both good and bad times. If something goes wrong, don't be depressed or despairing. You should take this situation as a challenge or a test. After you overcome it, a reward will await you.

Libra is always interested in love and romance by default but this month, you tend to take some things slowly, not to get burned again, perhaps.

Most natives will feel the need to have a little more freedom and won’t jump head first into officialising their new relationships or similar.

You have the opportunity to model this area as you wish. Usually, the same status prevails. Married people tend to stay married and single people tend to stay alone. Everything is fine, so you don't need to make major changes.

What makes this October special for Libras, in the territory of love, is that, perhaps some romantic opportunities could come under very peculiar disguises. If anything, there is a heightened chance for work place romances (or just flings) to bloom.

Career and finances progress this month

Right of the bat, you should know that the second half of October is more favorable than the first from a professional and financial point of view.

By October the 14th, it would be better to develop strategies, develop your "attack" plans to increase incomes and improve your professional life.

Libra natives who are looking for a job or want to negotiate certain things with their colleagues or boss, have difficulty or tend to delude themselves.

There may also be problems with integration or acceptance of new laws or directives related to your profession. Make sure you keep up to date with any changes that are taking place.

Pay attention to how you interpret things because you are a little bit more subjective than usual and this is not helping at all.

During the second half of October you should also pay attention to what you say, especially in the professional environment or a job interview.

Make sure you do not overdo it, that you do not promise more than you can deliver and do not rush to accept offers that are obviously far too good to be true.

From a financial point of view, too many changes are not expected, although starting from the 23rd, you can be more open and win better value among others or even unexpected financial aid.

Health and wellbeing

The Sun in your sign brings you strength and energy, in doses you do not know how to manage.

As the New Moon of October the 9th is prompting you, you want to do many things, fast and well and think about major changes in the future.

You have doubts and fears, but you are brave and willing to change some beliefs that do not fit you and take it back.

In this interval you can fulfill an older desire to try something to make yourself feel better, perhaps hit the gym or change your diet.

The little gestures made from the heart give you gratitude and an unmatched feeling of accomplishment.

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