Libra October 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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This month can be very complicated for some Librans. With the arrival of the New Moon into your sign, you will feel strong enough to create and push forward new work ideas.

Thanks to Mars in Libra while visiting the 10th House, you will feel more energized than ever to take care of work projects. The energy coming from Mars will make you feel free from hostilities at work.

When it comes to romance, the first few days of October will be great for bold actions in this area of your life. After this period, some three-sided relations will surface, causing pain to those involved.

Librans’ need to please everyone while experiencing some bad temper and their recklessness can bring them trouble.

October 2020 Highlights

During this month, Librans’ old-fashioned fear for struggles will reemerge and cause problems. Expect some hostilities. You will have the power to face them effectively or you will fall into an erratic behavior if you decide to listen to shady manifestations.

However, not all October is bad news for Librans. You will get a decent amount of money from some businesses made earlier. You will also revisit favorite places in the company of Arians and Sagittarians.

If you are interested in the love area, you will find passion with some Tauruses, Virgins or Librans. On the other hand, a Leonine will make and excellent partner for public gatherings.

For the job arena, Gemini is going to develop the same abilities as Librans, in handling work relations. Additionally, Cancers and Capricorns may join you in the goal of succeeding.

Libra Love Horoscope for October

This month, Librans will face some minor but relevant rebellions within themselves. These situations can bring you some major misperceptions, so act carefully.

Throughout the entire month, Venus will enter Virgo and then join planets such as Mars and Jupiter, thus pushing you to clear out some mental issues that have been hanging for a while.

There is also an intense and erotic feeling that you will sense deep in your physique thanks to Uranus’s passing in Aries. Librans will also feel distrust, uncertainty and irritation during this time period.

Romance will play with Librans during the first few weeks of October. An unexpected resistance can cause some issues.

Don’t take impulsive decisions or run into fast conclusions within these days. In the company of a Taurus, you will achieve pleasure from all passionate encounters.

Surprisingly, a Virgo will unleash a side never seen by you. In this month, Librans will lead the flirting area like no one else, and the conjunction of two Librans will create sparks of unforgettable passion.

In relationships, affection and passion will run smoothly. Some long-distance connections will pass to the next level of commitment since Librans are willing to make the next step.

Though, by October 8th, they need to be alert and not start secret relations that will harm them in the long term.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Librans will be eager to extend their work skyline by taking into consideration guidance from some of their coworkers. Even more, they will begin to experience authentic joy from working along with these people.

Though, keep yourself very alert to detect those that may want to commit to you more work duties while acting nice. With the Sun and Mercury by your side, you will achieve a lot but also be at risk of some disillusionment.

The transit of Neptune in the sign of Pisces will puzzle you. If you are a Libran running a family business, you will encounter many problems throughout October. But if you look further to this, you are going to receive some nice earnings.

You just need to calculate and be careful with your steps. With Geminis, you will accomplish some great benefits at work. By the beginning of October, it will be the turn of Cancers to take care of all the troubled negotiations.

With the help of others, Librans will advance in their work projects during the first few weeks of October. This will make Librans more eager to share their knowledge in group projects, just to find a way out that satisfies everyone. Despite all this, they will confront with some difficult situations marked by their past hostile behavior.

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