Libra September 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-08-26, 4760 views

We are looking at hopes and ideals this September but we also have some days in which we keep ourselves grounded. You respect long established principles and try to abide by the rules whenever possible but this doesn’t mean that you let yourself limited by them.

There will be some messages you need to catch this month but also some expectations for what you have to do in return for them. You are keen to try your hand at new things but don’t really want to the commit to the responsibilities that invariably come with all that fun.

Some degree of soul searching around the middle of the month but this time you won’t dwell too much into the inquisitive state and will bounce back into the world, most likely feeling a lot refreshed.

A bit of romance and excitement

The first week stays under the careful eye of Venus and although there may be some mist on your eyes, most likely caused by a love interest, you are clear enough to do whatever you have in plan and also obtain some free time.

You continuously rearrange your expectations and seem to try and manipulate those around you. At first, this might be fun for some and they might get into your game. But this game of yours might prove a bit too dizzy and with a bit too much change to be palatable and this means discussion and break up.

Don’t take it too seriously because this is probably a temporary fracture but try to temper this behavior of yours. Some things are exciting indeed but there should be limits. Perhaps some things are not bound to materialize that easily.

Pick your battles

Listen closely to what your body is signaling you because this is where you find the trusty path. Some things might turn for the worst when it comes to your health but the key to get past this is remaining calm. No amount of panic will change the outcome.

Coming back to better news, work is not refusing your advancement, on the contrary, brings you the more reason to keep your head high. Some discussions with colleagues will show a bit of adversity but it is in you how you manage this.

Pick your battles wisely because you are not in the position, not now at least, to teach them anything and neither do they want to learn from you. Ask if you need something and be honest about your intentions.

Being passive aggressive will only heat things up for you. This also counts at home and mostly when you have to interact with young ones.

Moodiness at its best

Some questions on self-image and other similar emotional issues might come up as the second half of September commences and for a few days, no one will be in your grace.

If you can’t or don’t have the willingness to address this on the spot you will simply have to bear through it. But don’t start asking yourself where all your friends went I you keep with this behavior for long.

The tricky part comes as you are missing out on some good opportunities with Mercury humoring you in regard to your collaboration plans. A good time to engage with others if you can let your own problems in the back on focus on what has been put on the table.

You can even take the coordination role if you feel you have the time and energy. If this is something you do outside of work, expect it to be accompanied by some kind of financial reward as well.

Going in for the win

Around the 27th Mars turns towards your family life and this will remain under question for a while. You may have reasons to be proud, others to be ashamed and a lot of things you could improve. Well, it is time to step out of dreamland and get to action.

The end of the month offers you an occasion you can’t miss to arrange some things that are squeaking at home, metaphorically or not. Put your eye for detail at work.

This disposition might be accompanied by some bargain hunting and you might be able to purchase something you long wanted but wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. Listen to those around because they might direct you right.

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