Libra September 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-08-27, 4462 views

You can nickname this September clarity because it seems that this will be what you obtain from it, after a few quests and personal challenges of course.

You will have to get used to minor changes because there will be plenty of these throughout the month. And most of them are going to disrupt your well laid out routine.

The good news however is that all this is only temporarily and doesn’t really impact on the big picture. This means that if you are planning on making a big fuss about what is happening right now, you are going to be deemed as fighting a storm in a glass of water.

Trust those close to you and try to listen to their advice because there are little chances that they want to trick you or have a hidden agenda.

Towards the end of the month, you may cause some disruption in your love life with some exaggerated demands or expectations and this might leave some past discussion hanging.

New expectations

The first week of the month will bring consequences of past decisions back in the spotlight and you will probably try to hide them as much as possible, from those around.

You will experience a combination of shame and anger and surely, you will not want to share this with those close. On the other hand, they may get the wrong vibe if you are all of a sudden going aloof.

After the 5th, you might become overly concerned with your body and some natives might even start an intensive exercise routine. Make sure you accompany this with a healthy lifestyle or else the whole effort will be pointless.

Another thing this September is all about, has to do with no permission of half action, meaning, if you want results from exercise, get on board the whole being healthy journey.

Hard to understand

After the 11th, you might move your focus slightly and be very interested in knowing everything that is going on. This might lead to quite a controlling behaviour, especially at work, but as long as you discover errors and make improvements, no one will actually complain.

There is a fine limit however, between being business driven and cutting to the chase and making this all about yourself and your personality.

If you cross that line, even for a day, don’t be surprised if the respect others have for you, goes to a waste, straight away.

Some questions of your motivations may arise, perhaps in the family setting, especially if you end up spending too much time at work. You should be prepared for even jokes at your expense but don’t hold any grudges on this.

Staying away

During the second half of the month, there may be some tendencies to complain from you, perhaps because you don’t feel you have enough time to do whatever you want to do. Also, you may feel that some people who are involved with you in the work are not pulling their weight as they should.

You will prefer to complain rather than tackle things directly and this might make your friends believe you are sort of playing the victim.

If you have something to say or are unhappy with how things are, go tell it to the person in question, face to face.

Some natives will feel like blowing steam off through exercise and may seek for others to join them, in some cases a little expense may occur, perhaps if you take this to a new level and join a gym or a club of some kind.

Helping others

After the 25th, you will feel like exploring, even if you just discover some new places from behind your computer. You are open to ideas of travel but will seem to postpone them for when finances are slightly better.

You may tend to be outspoken but in general you will be quite controlled and those around will appreciate your interventions, especially when you jump to the rescue for someone else.

This is also because during this period, you will find it quite easy to defend principles and put examples forward, not for yourself, but to support others.

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