Libra September 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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This month, dear Libra you should beware of any excesses, mental or physical. Especially since during the second week the need to acquire goods simply for the joy of owning them becomes too difficult to resist.

In the second half of the month, you should take advantage of the opportunities you get to make some changes in your life. Perhaps it is time to get the freedom you need.

If you can resist the temptation to act impulsively and carefully make your plans, then you will succeed in achieving your dreams.

There are many challenges to balance. It is important not to make reckless expenses, because financial problems may arise. It is time to save and make plans for the future and even to organize better your surroundings, both at work and at home.

September highlights

This month, relationships of all sorts are favoured and you will prefer to spend your time surrounded by many people. It may even be that you will pamper your loved one or family members and these expenses are not going to do your monthly budget any well.

However, perhaps some winnings around the middle of the month will help you recover.

During or around the 14th, you may suffer a bit of a dip in your mood but although, you may not be in your best shape, you will be motivated enough to accomplish everything you set out for earlier this month.

If you are employed this month is a profitable one. You can meet new people or start interesting projects. If you take some courses or you are a student, you can have good exam results which will bring respect and recognition of others to you.

During the third week of September you are a little more withdrawn, meditative maybe, a sign that you do not take too well the noisy companies and situations under pressure. After the 23rd your self-confidence returns and you feel better in your skin.

Be careful towards the end of the month at a person who will appear around you at some point, perhaps in an official setting. They may be all nice to you but they are not really acting in your best interest.

But once you are onto their game, you will be all confident, so you can give a lesson to the potential scammer. This experience will be very valuable, because you will learn a lot from it.

Libra love horoscope for September 2019

With both Venus and Mercury in your sign after the 14th, you can be certain that your romantic prospects can improve.

Become more active, more energetic, more vocal, you have the predisposition to even consider an event organized by you (organizing a wedding, a party on a breakthrough, a family celebration).

Be careful about signing documents however, like a prenup, because some legal trouble might arise out of this.

You are seeking change as the stars are pushing you to achieve your best. Sometimes it’s better not to settle and keep looking and if this makes you feel alive, then go for it.

Jupiter will eventually help you find your way, that is for sure. Some confirmation regarding a love matter, perhaps finally finding out that your crush has the same feelings as you, might occur around the 20th.

If something goes terribly wrong and you are rather rejected than approached, then be more tolerant of your own person, put into practice what you feel but don’t overdo it. And above all, don’t be embarrassed of your own feelings because there is no need to.

Have faith that, until the end of the month, the Universe will actually push you from behind just to find another life strategy, to find inner peace in another way.

Career and finances progress this month

Firstly, please note that the second half of September is more favorable than the first from a professional and financial point of view.

So align your expectations, in order not to be disappointed. Use the first half to plan and observe your environment. Set your targets boldly but make sure you have all the skills necessary under your belt.

Use this preparation time if you need to sign up for classes or work with a trusted advisor.

After the 14th, it will be time to action, to finally make things happen and see that money rain on you.

Those natives who are looking to improve their work place or negotiate certain terms are in luck, even if their bosses are generally some very difficult people.

Pay attention to the predisposition to interpret things as you like and not to see them as they are in reality! Not all will be what it seems so make sure that you don’t just blindly throw yourself into various activities.

The transit of Mars through your twelfth house could suggest unexpected financial aid. If it comes from the family, at the end of the month, it will be accompanied by a lot of conditions. Weigh the situation well and see if you really want to get involved in that or rather wait and save that money through your sweat and hard work.

Health and wellbeing

You are going to be quite independent from a health perspective this September, not stressing too much but also not listening to anyone’s advice.

Some natives might have a hard time distancing themselves from some anxious thoughts that keep reappearing, perhaps even some discontent stemming from events that happened a long time ago.

You will receive all kinds of arguments, you will go through all sorts of situations designed to show you what you can do.

On the 23rd, with the entrance of the Sun in your sign, you will feel like you are coming out of a great dark area, clouds of doubt will clear and you will feel very empowered, especially in relation to your own body and your own thoughts.

You will also put more value on your actions and will keep your position when others are trying to prove otherwise.

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