Libra September 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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Giving more attention to romance this month, you are receiving attention from everyone. You are focused on making your love life successful more than on anything else. It’s very likely you’ll be required to change your mind about some things.

Seduction runs through your veins. Right around the 17th, you will become the most seductive person, feeling as if you’re complete when people fall right at your feet.

In case you’re more caught up with family life matters, you are able to handle any situation at your own pace, not to mention you don’t mix personal issues with professional ones.

It seems like you have an answer for anything, regardless if it’s your children asking for your help, or some distant friend. People in your surroundings are defending their opinions, but everyone listens.

You will be able to manage all your relationships very well if you decide to have stability and safety. It’s good that the planets are going to help you with this.

September 2021 Highlights

For September 2021, Libras are going to feel their eternal longing to be happy more than ever. The stars are going to favor a change in their way of thinking, making them realise that if they’re taking advantage of the time they’re spending on thinking about happiness to just enjoy life, they could be much better.

When you’re imagining your perfect life, you could instead make an effort to keep your loved ones satisfied and just live your life to the maximum. Keep in mind that happiness starts with you and from within you.

Only after you have acknowledged it, money and professional or personal successes can start coming your way. For the month’s last weeks, you should make use of your time to talk to your work superiors about getting a promotion or a raise.

If you want your responsibilities to change, don’t waste your time selling your ideas to people who aren’t thinking the same way you do, as this won’t bring you any success, not to mention it will have you being more frustrated than ever that you’re not being surrounded by those who can really understand you.

While searching for happiness, Libras are trying to have the perfect family life, which has them missing on important and beautiful events with their loved ones.

As far as their social life goes, they will be active in September, not allowing their work to take all their time. In love, they will go through many intense moments of intimacy, so their relationship is going to be just fine.

Libra Love Horoscope for September

On September 14th, the Full Moon in Pisces is going to be in contact with the 7th House of Virgo, ending the relationships and perhaps negotiations that were stale. There will be situations in which the lunar even is going to stand for a change in the status of couple, so marriages and engagements may be announced.

However, Libras need to remember than Neptune and Lilith are in retrograde in the 7th House of Virgo, announcing tensions and the fact that the natives may want to idealize their partner so that he or she fits them best.

Single Libras will have the entrance of Saturn in the 5th House of the same sign, on September 19th, allowing them to no longer be tough with themselves, especially as far as having fun and romance go. However, while Pluto is going to continue to be in retrograde here too, they will be more curious to know why their past relationship has failed, to learn from what happened.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Starting with September 8th, Libras are going to have a lot of energy, so they will want to work hard to achieve their goals and increase their income, succeeding with everything they’re trying.

As far as their professional life goes, they will have a very good month, and money will come their way, but after the 22nd, they will need to take care of some business and economic problems.

Besides, they will have to postpone what hasn’t been solved until that date, especially if they want to avoid any complication arising. Pay attention to the people you’re working with because they may be looking to throw false accusations at you.

The financial situation is going to be good. For the month’s first 3 weeks, you will have finances coming your way, whereas on the 12th or the 13th of the month, you have great chances of winning some sort of prize. During the last week of September, you will receive more than your usual salary.

Your Wellbeing This Month

There’s nothing that can affect the health of Libras in September, as these natives will have so many positive and big achievements that in case some disease is going to affect them, they won’t even give it any of their attention.

Either way, they still need to make sure they’re properly resting and not working too much like they have the tendency to do because Mars is going to give them plenty of energy.

In case they feel like their body is suffering from some deficiencies, they need to talk with their doctor and maybe take some supplements.

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