Libra December 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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During the last month of the year you will have to fight for the attention of the person you are attracted to, but this is going to be worth it and you will feel great after you get what you want. You are facing passion but also romance. In December, feelings will be very strong, but try to maintain a cool head, at least for now.

With the holidays approaching, it is only natural that the expenses predominate throughout the month, being on the one hand, those necessary for daily living, and on the other, about the gifts of loved ones.

Chances are that you will receive gifts, rewards or much-awaited news regarding debt, inheritance or sharing. Relationships with your immediate surroundings are common, so you will get in touch with various people, some of whom you have long known.

Also, short-distance trips will be entertained, either for professional purposes or to visit loved ones. Prudence to the means of transport! The domestic segment and the relations with relatives are very lively in the second part of the month.

A new stage opens, so that old house plans, but some new ones, can take shape. Relationships with family members are important during this period. Be with your loved ones, help them as much as you can, take care of household chores and, at the same time, enjoy them all.

December highlights

At the start of December your communication and socialization skills are visible in most of all the social contexts in which you are. In the course of or around the 10th, family problems that had existed for a long time are highlighted but hopefully they can be resolved, just in time for Christmas.

During or around the 13th, we see harmony at work, but also some financial opportunities worth considering.

After the middle of the month, there are chances to revitalize the atmosphere in a sentimental way or to approach that special someone you keep thinking about. The chances of winning something are not lacking either.

Around the 26th it would be advisable not to follow the tendencies of jealousy and possessiveness. From the 29th onwards, it may be easier to communicate with your family, but especially with parents or relatives with whom you do not share the same mentality.

During or around 30, you seem to be in the company of your loved ones, perhaps preparing the last details for the meal or party between the years.

Libra love horoscope for December 2019

Emotional security is at a great price for you in December 2019 and is one of the central concerns. This has an important impact on all relationships, but especially on sentimental relationships.

The married natives or those who are part of an old and stable love affair, enjoy beneficial changes in the home and intimate life and feel supported and protected by their life partner. They have that feeling that they were longing for, that they are part of a balanced and secure relationship.

In addition, the love life is relaunched and some may rediscover the pleasure of being with the loved one on all levels, including erotic and emotional.

Single balances enjoy a strong magnetism and can easily connect now, but remain somewhat mysterious. Love can be born in the strangest places, maybe even whilst doing something mundane and boring, like going shopping.

The end of the month may be more turbulent in sentimental matters, and sudden attractions or uncontrollable passions may occur, leaving you with quite a rollercoaster of emotions this holiday season.

Career and finance progress this month

In December 2019, you will experience some sort of change in your field of activity. You will have many responsibilities and tasks on your shoulders and despite the temporary stress, there will be positive long-term career developments.

Your energy levels will simply be extraordinary and you will be able to direct your career in the desired direction. This is a good time, especially to improve your skills.

Also, pay attention to personal interests or hobbies, because some of them will bring new opportunities. Try to strike a balance between personal and professional life this year, otherwise you might have problems on both sides.

You wish for a better professional future. Do not hesitate to ask for favors, salary increases or advances. Ask and you shall receive!

Some colleagues or soups laughs might upset you throughout the year. Focus on yourself and your work. Optimism will help you overcome any career hurdles this end of 2019.

Health and wellbeing

Your energy level for December 2019 will be at the highest levels. The first week will be devoid of health problems. Your energy reserves will be large enough to last you for this period.

However, at the beginning of the second week, you will notice a slight decrease in the level of general health. But by then, many of your major assignments will be completed and will therefore be a good time for a break.

Also, you need relaxation for your mind’s wellbeing, not just physically. In the last days of 2019 you will discover new hobbies that will bring an improvement in your mood. Thus, your moral health will greatly improve you, resulting in general well-being.

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