Pisces April 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-03-28, 2654 views

You can consider yourself freed from some conventions this April but tied down in others, perhaps less traditional but equally oppressive. This might be a metaphor about your love life and work boundaries but also suggests your relationships with younger people.

You might also get the chance to discover a few things about yourself and the surprising things that make you tick. Don’t expect for inspiration to fall from the skies though and don’t make other responsible for your own well being or misery because no one will put up wit that.

With your own thoughts

The first week will probably be spend half in solitude and the other half making minimal contact, only with the people you ought to. This is because you need some time off from all the ruckus in March but as well because you are trying to recalibrate yourself and remember what you want.

Perhaps you are finally understanding that your whole avoidant attitude towards certain activities stems from something deeper than laziness and now you’ve found yourself time to investigate that.

Interesting to see how deep you’ll actually go with this before you either get bored or get into too much complexity.

This will entice them to continue while for others this will only create frustration as they probably expected some more tangible results.  But you know you can’t really be told what you are meant to do by anyone and at the end it’s only a personal struggle.

Too much support perhaps

But you are blessed as it seems those dear to you are putting up with your desires and at certain points are actually indulging you by offering to carry out your responsibilities for you so you can get some time to think.

What you don’t really see now is that you are actually bound to provide them with results and in case this doesn’t happen they will be quite disappointed with you and you won’t find this support in them anymore.

Around the middle of the month your irascibility is challenged and you need to behave yourself because you have a lot more to lose from the situation, especially if it occurs at work, than you have to win if you let your anger free. 

Working hard for same

But don’t worry too much about it because it seems that even that strained relationship is going to come to some peaceful terms in the following weekend and the week beginning on the 18th will find you in a good place.

Not the same can be said about money though as it seems Mercury is not helping you out with that but on the contrary, makes you work harder for the same amount. You might even have to organize some meeting at work and this will take all energy off you.

Luckily this will prevent any other outbursts and although you might perform some duties in a robotic manner, productivity is at an all right level.

Around the 23rd positive experience ought to come from interacting with children, either your own or from the family and you’ll surprise even yourself by the attention you are giving them and by how they make you feel.

Coming to a closure

This might help you detach from stress from the other days but don’t expect it to do miracles either. If you are craving creativity you will have to chase it on your own, you can’t expect it to be seeded in you by someone else.

The end of the month throws a ray of sunshine on your loved life, perhaps you get to go on some sort of retreat and if not, help each other with chores and feel as if you have reconnected.

For some natives it will take more than this but for the vast majority, this will be enough to bring harmony in the couple and to prepare the following month in peace. Take advantage of this to advance any propositions you might have but be ready to compromise because this will be a two way dance.

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