Pisces April 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-03-26, 2815 views

It seems that this April you are the one to set impossible standards, even when those around you are quite happy with what you do. There is this personal need that dictates what you do and the fact that you want to balance work with family life.

The only downside to this is the fact that you are only going to manage to tire yourself and in the end, the result won’t be the one expected. Some tensions that are bound to come up will still come up, no matter how much time you spend or not at home.

You also need to understand that your partner has certain needs that you have been neglecting for a while and only honest communication with them will reveal them. You might resort to presents and surprises but this will actually annoy them and put an even bigger distances between you two.

Changes around

Around the 5th you get this idea that there is something that is not right and needs to be changed, perhaps at home. Therefore, you create some sort of objective to fix that. This will imply a lot of research and dreaming with your eyes open.

Luckily, someone wise from the family will open your eyes to the true matter, which is how you feel, before you lose more time on that.

If you want to do something, this is a great moment for self development and you should channel your thoughts in that direction.

Something tense happens at work but you are not involved and prefer to stay as far away from that as possible, even though curiosity is quite distracting.

Quite impulsive

You are quite emotional around the 10th and you take everything that happens personally, especially if someone ends up disappointing you by not matching your expectations.

On the other hand, you won’t be as much affected by this because there is this wave of energy that you benefit from, perhaps courtesy to Mercury.

Some things may go a bit upside down, as Mercury goes retrograde but you actually see this as an opportunity to step in and save everyone.

Some circumstances will allow you to practice a skill you haven’t performed in a while and you will be quite excited about your results with that. Some natives will have to deal with new management at work and they don’t hesitate to judge people from the start.


During the second half of the month you might have some moments when you feel overwhelmed but these will go quite quickly, especially because you are easily distracted and prefer to postpone some things for later, even if this means continuing to live with some worries.

You should stay away from important decisions during this time, especially if those decisions involve other people as well.

Don’t let your impulses or on the contrary, overthinking, influence others, especially if you are not sure yourself. It is important not to take any unnecessary risks during this time, especially around the 20th.

You will find a lot of cheap ways to entertain yourself so there is no need to spend too much money either.

Family & Friends

After the 25th, you seem to change focus towards your friends and family, perhaps with the occasion of some gathering that is due to take place. This means you will be quite busy with preparations and won’t pay attention to any rumors or what else is going on.

But these are bound to surface again and they might have to do with a choice of yours from the past. Although you don’t feel the need to explain yourself and don’t feel at all affected, you might choose to go clean with that, for the sake of your partner.

Speaking about your partner, they will be very supportive of you but at the same time will have their own demands, just like the one above. You won’t be able to please them easily.

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