Pisces April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Dear Pisces, you are going to make the best use possible of all the resources available to you this April and the highlights of your time are most likely going to come from the area of your work.

Your approach will tend to be a lot more self-assured than in the past and chances are you will be able to easily impress those you come in contact with. Because your strategy will be hands-on, you surely won’t miss out on anything.

The stars will tend to be on your side for the majority of the month, actually pushing you towards longer term plans. It may be that you will need to reset your thinking in order to achieve this.

There will be a lot of moments this April when you will be caught under the mundanity of the present, feeling blocked and not benefiting from any creative flow. You need to establish clear objectives and they stand by them no matter what. Do you want to improve your financial situation and are you looking for a new partner and on top of this search for social recognition? Pick one!

This April will carry a strong emotional drive however, thus everything will do will be fueled by what you feel on the inside and your search for happiness, peace and satisfaction.


Astrological aspect of the month: As April debuts under Mars conjunct Saturn you benefit from the start from the stamina and patience required to tackle everything in a step by step, constructive manner, with no avoidant behaviors in mind.

Putting something aside

You may want to be very thorough in regard to what endeavors you invest time and energy in during the first week of April as you tend to let yourself carried away by plans that aren’t necessarily very realistic.

Between the 5th and the 8th with the Venus trine Saturn aspect, committing to a relationship and its long-term ideals is going to feel like the right thing to do.

However, your attitude and how content you are, will vastly depend on the behavior of your partner and how much support you perceive you are getting.

In this disposition, established relationships can be consolidated further, perhaps through travel or taking on a home project.

This period culminates with the Solar Eclipse on the 8th, where new opportunities will open up for your finances. You will prefer to spend more time in the company of people your age and will keep comparing your performance with theirs.

You are working very hard that week and the results, perhaps some extra income, will arrive soon in your pocket. Those interested in putting money aside will be most motivated towards the middle of the month, when social temptations also tend to decrease.


TOP TIP of the month: Waiting is for the unmotivated. This April you need to take initiative if you want to be noticed. You need to maintain your rationality though; some things cannot happen overnight, but those that can, surely will.

A different kind of romance

With the peak influence of Mars sextile Neptune on the 14th, your sensual desires are taking proportion and you are more in tune with what your body wants. You are using this both as an occasion to seek pleasure but also as a way to exert pressure on your significant other.

This is definitely a time of games and your sense of what is right and what is wrong may be terribly perverted. You are not waiting for something to happen but rather take matters into your own hands.

There may be some insecurities popping their head high but you will manage to hide them very well and not let them show.

The only word of caution is not to use your past disappointments as an excuse to manipulate and to try to get things in your favour. If you have been hurt, there is no reason to hurt yourself now. You may be more argumentative during this period and your aggression could come out in the world in various shapes.

After the 18th, there may be a cooling off period, one in which you are again preoccupied with money matters and sort of manage to put your feet on the ground. You abandon the matters of the flesh in favour of obtaining long term stability and security.


Watch out! The Mercury square Saturn aspect is one that promotes chaos and debauchery rather than discipline and loyalty. You need to be careful about succumbing to temptation, even when this comes to you in a familiar form.

The power of your mind - revealed

It is very interesting how the influence of Venus trine Pluto will be reinterpreted in your life. The passion and intensity promoted by this aspect will be put into rather business-y endeavors.

The attention seeking behavior induced by the stars will be put to great use in the company of important people. You are acting up your emotions, but only to prove a point and convince.

It is actually the play of a master in how you move from a focus that should be on feelings to a focus on the material. Your main trigger is again, the need to safety, perhaps this time you are thinking of protecting those close as well.

You may let yourself carried away by the mirage of power and may try to undermine a valuable competitor. You are not necessarily planning anything reprovable but surely your mind is going to be very creative in this direction.

With Mercury in the sign of Aries throughout April, you are benefiting from quick reactions and a sharp tongue. We can say for sure that nothing will leave you speechless, no matter how shocking.

The only word of caution refers to negotiations and similar talks as you may not be able to hold everything in and may end up spilling the beans early on, much to your later despair.


Enhance! The power of positivity will be reinstated in your life by the Jupiterian influence. There may be opportunities for growth hidden under areas of apparent stagnation. You can uncover them by staying open to changing your course of action.

A nostalgic touch

The last week of the month will be dedicated to increasing contact and communications with your family members, perhaps even seeking to travel to meet with distant relatives. The Lunar Eclipse on the 24th marks an ideal moment for writing, learning lessons and travel.

Some natives may suddenly want to chase their genealogical tree whilst others may become interested in a particular time in history and will seek to learn more about it.

Around the 26th, rapid decision making will be required of you, perhaps in a matter that has already been consuming a lot of your money. You either move forward with all the necessary commitment or put an end to the spending.

Classical written correspondence, i.e. letters, is a great touch for anything important or for matters of the heart you want to transmit. Surprise your significant other with a well written love letter.

Don’t you even dare to think you wouldn’t know what to write because Venus is in a favorable sextile position and will guide you through the whole thing, without you even realizing it. If you want to have a peaceful time at home, and perhaps erase any sign of some recent blunders, this is the way to go.

April will end on an emotional but rather at peace note with the Full Moon on the 29th. This is a great time for meditation (without thinking about what you should actually be doing in this time) and for preparing mentally for what is next to come in May.

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