Pisces April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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April will bring you the desire to be successful in your career, but your horoscope recommends you to wait for a better time, to take any actions.

You do not lack motivation, but the position of the stars is not very positive in this respect. Pisces should rather focus on their own person, or on developing their personality or education.

It will be a decisive month for your love life, however, as you will have to make tentative decisions about what you want to do next.

After a long analysis in which the situation between you and your partner may have shrunk to the basics, you are in the position to draw a line. Some natives might come to the conclusion that it is better to give up what they have built up so far.

You are yearning for more and more money and want to get rich overnight. Discard any other plan as long as you can get a professional opportunity, which can bring you both benefits and disadvantages.

You are good at dealing with business, but not the same can be said about love. You cannot find a balance between all the plans of your life, but you prefer to excel in one.

April highlights

The intriguing Mars will have his tail in your business this month, so you will face some difficulties and you will have to work hard for any new win.

Anyway, do not let this get you discouraged! Fight to the end so that the stars prepare a successful end!

If you need money, try to get a raise from your current job. It's not time to look for a new job, stability being the best solution - at least until the end of the next month.

Your creativity is high, since Mars is giving you new and interesting ideas, especially during the first week of April. From this point of view, things will continue to improve: your mind is full of plans and innovations. Between the 13th and the 20th this aspect will be very visible.

For travel or issues related to international business and the Internet, the period around the 20th is the most beneficial, as everything will be rather straightforward and delays are unlikely.

Your main sources of energy and good mood will be your friends this month. With Jupiter in your eleventh house, you benefit from the most beautiful moments with your close buddies. If you need advice in this period, the best way to get it is ... by calling a friend!

During or around the 27th, family tensions may arise, but you are likely to stifle them from the start. After 29, you may feel that your social life is no longer what it was and cool relations with some members of your entourage may intervene.

Pisces love horoscope for April

In April, your love life may pose some complications as you are prone to get excited easily and to fall prey to temptation straightaway.

This is damaging for both natives who are in a relationship and for single natives, actually, for anyone who is not able to keep their feet on the ground.

And on top of this, your expectations will also be likely exacerbated, and needless to say that the voice of reason will not prevail.

You will suffer a great deal of criticism from your near environment and it is your turn to explain yourself and to find ways to mend the situation. You are fascinated by a certain behaviour or hobby of your partner, so will likely also take an interest in this.

During the last week of the month you will be able to keep your romantic activities somewhat beyond the eyes of the world. But do not forget that in this period, speculation, whether alone and at declarative level, does not have the chance to succeed for the long term.

But if you are in a stable relationship, good communication and collaboration between you and your partner might begin to resurface but will still depend on your decisions and your ability to leave experimenting aside.

Career progress this month

With an apparent retrograde movement, Jupiter in your tenth house might give you a bit of a headache but also a lot of inspiration.

For some, this will be the time to rethink their career direction, to review their long-term projects and to find new strategies for professional growth.

If you are not satisfied with what you are doing now, the profession, the environment in which you work or the opportunities you have there to promote, reorient yourself!

Perhaps there is a need for a specialization or retraining course and it is certainly necessary to change the perspective on the idea of ​​success or career. It is the best time to move on to an activity that you really like and that represents who you want to be.

From a financial point of view, you could have very pleasant surprises this month. The New Moon in Aries on the 5th might come with some new sources of income. On top of this and unlike in other territories of your life, you seem to be much more realistic about your financial goals.

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