Pisces April 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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The focus of April appears to be in your area of ​​personal resources and values. You will learn a thing or two about common finances and the partner will provide many useful contributions in this area. Sharing ideas in the workplace will be necessary, as internal conflicts seem to be playing out for you.

Negotiations in a friendly atmosphere should take place. Keep your mind open to suggestions that can be very beneficial to you. The emotional need for some recreational and social activities might be felt, and your thoughts on travel will cross your mind.

From the beginning of the month, we advise you to make the most of this day, because the relationship with your partner is excellent and you will complete everything you have planned to do together.

April is favorable for social and material achievements and you will have the highest chances of success if you focus on routine activities. However, success is on your side and everything you plan for April will work out the way you want, especially since you have a lot of new professional ideas that are unfortunately not enough if you do not trust your strength.

April will bring you the desire to be successful in your career, but the horoscope recommends that you wait for a more suitable time. You do not lack motivation, but the position of the stars is not very positive in this regard.

Pisceses should focus instead on their own person, or on developing their personality or education.

April highlights

At the start of April your behavior may give rise to divergences, so be careful to the signals you are sending to those around. But despite all this, you may also find that you communicate more effectively with your relatives.

During or around the 5th, you appear to be in the form of big days, but that can easily turn into a negative mood, which can give rise to fears about the future.

From the 13th onwards, you increase your chances of supplementing your income faster and easier than normal. During or around the 25th, do not invest in plans that do not have guarantees and do not give out loans to people you do not know very well.

During or around the 26th, the previous warning is maintained, but be careful about the statements you make.

From the 28th onwards, you are more communicative than usual and you can handle problems in a greater variety of social contexts than before. And if someone’s attitude appears to be changing, try not to be affected. Your words could have a big influence on those around you at the end of the month.

Pisces love horoscope for April

In the sentimental life of the Pisces natives, a multitude of events can occur, especially around the two weeks at the middle of April.

Mercury, which will transit your second house during this period, governs your house of relationships and marriage, but also that of family and home.

This is a very good time to meditate on the importance you attach to the sentimental relationship, the life pair or your marriage in general.

It is also an investment-friendly astral context to enhance the comfort of the home, for refurbishment, etc. You would do well, however, to be careful and not make hasty decisions, under the impulse of the moment.

Like more than ever, Pisces who are interested in new love relationships should put emotional safety first. Because Venus, the governor of intimacy, is in transit through the sign of Gemini, you seem to become more eloquent and charming but also acquire the ability to analyze, very cod blooded, some may say, some amorous complications in your life and to reveal further insight into the people you are drawn to.

Do not rush to move under the same roof with a loved one, especially if you are in the beginning of a relationship!

Career and finances

You will prefer to do much of your work on your own rather than involve others, even if this comes at a cost for you, both from a time and effort perspective. During the second week please do not refuse any attempts at help and occasions to delegate.

At work everything goes exactly as intended, after more time and more effort you could finally receive the salary increase you were after.

Pisces natives could be wishing to be at the centre of attention at work during this period but the current situation may have other plans so there is no reason to become angry about this.

Towards the end of the month there could still be an occasion in which to be praised for an achievement of yours and to gain further respect of your colleagues.

Health status

By the middle of the month, you may be more anxious or worried about changes that are not even happening to you or, perhaps, with an older health problem.

But, as you approach the end of the month, you find your inner balance and confidence in your own strengths.

The inner turmoil and the predisposition to dwell on your worries without seeking advice from others do not do you any good and can weaken your immune system. Be as active as you can and exercise, even if just indoors.

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