Pisces August 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-07-26, 3531 views

It appears that August will be both a month of professional challenges and emotional understanding of yourself and of what is going on around you.

There may be some moments when you are too keen on following your own plan but eventually you will probably adapt, at least at the last moment. On one hand you should beware of people of authority but on the other hand, if you know you do everything correctly, then they can actually help you in your endeavors.

Another important thing to remember about this month is the presence of some key defining moments in which you might have to make choices or say certain words that will impact you beyond what you can see at the moment.

Where are you hiding

The second week of the month seems to bring great group work, especially if you already have an established collaboration with certain people.

Either that most of the group has already been on holiday or that some people are on holiday and the rest of the group feels greater cohesion, the atmosphere will be more than cordial.

A bit of nostalgia and a harsh look at the past might spoil your mood if you are not careful enough. This might be because you are trying to detach yourself from the present for a while but instead of looking forward, you prefer to dwell into not so flattering memories.

Between the 10th and 12th you will be able to showcase exactly how convincing you are in a professional setting but don’t have exaggerated expectations and imagine everyone will share your opinion because then you will be disappointed.

Getting away with it

Around the middle of the month you will observe that things go smoother for you when you use your mind and find the right words even at home.

You will benefit from a lot of eloquence, especially in your personal life. For some natives, this might actually be that long waited time when they can finally impress that special person while others may be able to open in front of their loved ones like they never did before.

Emotionally speaking, as mentioned above, you will have some occasions of reflection and means to establish balance in your life.

This might also come during a time when things seem to be working just fine professionally, perhaps you are also being involved in an important project or something similar.

Coming back to that nostalgic few days, perhaps you can now use those memories in a constructive manner and instead of regretting mistakes, remember what you learned from them and use ahead.

How you express yourself

Around the 20th, Venus seems to bring a bit of excitement in your love life but there will also be a price that you need to pay for that.

Your partner might prove to be extra demanding, and not necessarily in terms of chores and running errands but more in terms of how you communicate and open up to each other. Don’t assume an offensive position just to protect yourself because this will probably be interpreted wrongly.

This might not be the worst time to make plans for the future, especially with how Mars and Saturn are positioned and perhaps you should dare to look further than the following months as well. There is a word of warning though and this regards not mixing business and pleasure.

While it may be nice to make plans with your friends, be careful to what extent you have to depend on them. You don’t need to transform yourself into the least trusting person in the world, just keep your boundaries.

Change of scenery

There will be some tense days between the 22nd and 29th in case you can’t manage your nerves and you might take your frustrations out on people who have no fault but being in the wrong place.

And to make matters even more complicated, this is also a period in which special people might be around and you won’t really be able to catch their attention. On a subconscious level, this probably contributes to the tension and this idea of missing out that brings out frustrations.

Since it is still the holiday time, perhaps you should consider going somewhere with those dear to you, especially as a mean to reduce tension around the house.

A change of scenery will probably have a great impact on everyone, even if it is only for a couple of days and maybe not that far away from home.

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