Pisces August 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-07-26, 3681 views

There are some chances that your emotions will get the better of you this August but you are also leading a fair fight with them. You need incentives for most activities during this period and will tend not to be motivated by anything.

This in turn may attract some criticism from your family, but in the end, you know that they will turn around. Perhaps you will also gain some useful advice from them as to how to find out what to focus on.

The main issue that can be extracted from what is going on now probably refers to you dwelling between extremes and not settling for a particular option. During the first half of August you will get several opportunities but you will probably find it hard to choose one direction.

Different responsibilities

You will be made responsible for the actions of your partner during the first week of August which will in turn mean that you need to help them with a particular situation. You are not very happy with this and will not hesitate to make your dismay public.

Depending on the gravity of the situation, you should try not to be too harsh with your partner, especially if you could be in their place too.

Some changes at work may see you stay in the office for a couple of extra hours and although you will have the assistance of a colleague, you will still probably complain about the lack of support.

Around the 8th, business endeavours that involve important people might reach a conclusion, even though not necessarily the best one.

Who you are going to choose

It seems that things are only turning more emotionally complicated for you as after the 10th you will tend to be more preoccupied about a distant family member’s situation and will overlook your own situation.

This is turn might lead a wake up call from your family and you will have to go against a whole wave of criticism. You don’t have much to support your case so you should make the corrections that your family will want you to make.

And speaking about corrections, there may be an important lifestyle change that is long overdue and that you should try and implement right now, for instance, some natives may finally decide that is time to stop smoking or at least change to nicotine patches or something.

Time to have some fun

You will enter the second half of August feeling quite stressed so there is no wonder you will try to escape by dreaming about all sort of things. You will spend quite a few days in alternative scenarios but luckily, this doesn’t impact on your day to day activities.

You are also keen to go out at night, often changing the people who you go out with. Some may say you are acting up but to an extent, you deserve to enjoy yourself a little, especially if you do it in a responsible manner.

Some natives may feel this wish to try a sport or sign up for the gym. It seems that all physical activity is favoured by the stars and chances are you will stick to that for longer than you imagine, even if the start may not be smooth.

Now about love

And talking about starting stuff, it seems that single natives will benefit from quite an exciting end of month with some dates lined up. Those in question may not always achieve the best charms but they will surely make a great impression.

Remember about your dread of choices and of sticking to one option? Well, it seems that by the end of the month, you tend to become more comfortable with certain situation and view things in a more relaxed manner.

This will surely impact the vibe you send to prospective partners and might end up putting you in a better light than you imagine. This is not to say however that you will sweep everyone off their feet so beware of rising your hopes too high.

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