Pisces August 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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This August will bring you around some very influential allies that will help shape some past desires of yours, that you may have not gotten the time to fight for until now. It’s about simple things that can easily be resolved when dealing with the right people and it’s also about matters of the heart that take time and confidence from your side.

As the month progresses, you may find that you are rather cynical about what is going on around you and will even instil such an attitude in those close. This may actually go against you, because, whilst you may move away from this rather quickly, others may not, and then, you will be faced with and affected by this attitude of theirs.

This is not the most romantic month of all but whatever happens these days will actually have a greater significance for you and whilst people may not fall in love at first sight everywhere, deep connections are likely to be formed, even though those involved may not realize it until later on.

Don’t let yourself phased by a bit of competition because your perspective on how good your competitors may be, could potentially be far from reality.


Enhance! Some sort of lucky coincidence may positively influence your professional life, but you need to be quick in actioning it, especially if there is competition involved as well.

Genuine charm

Who is to say you are not going to have the most social time of the month under the Venus trine Mars disposition, debuting on the 7th of the month?

And now that we have set the expectations really high, let’s see what other meanings this aspect will bring about in your life. The trine aspect is a harmonious connection by nature, meaning that the forceful nature of the fighter Mars will be soothed by the romantic Venus.

This is a great time for all sort of athletic and sport activities but as well for some artistic expressions, whether you decide to take on painting, writing or learn to play an instrument.

This is an aspect that nourishes existing love relationships but this doesn’t mean that a single Pisces will not benefit from the romantic guidance of Venus, should they set their eyes on someone.


TOP TIP of the month: Use the first half of August to get rid of any lingering tensions and don’t be afraid to open up and tell things as they are. The sooner you do this, the better for everyone involved.

Around the 11th, you are going to be placed under the influence of the Solar Eclipse, a great herald of contemplation and introspection. Whilst there will be a few natives who will tend to isolate around this time and try to get in touch with their inner self, most natives will stick close to those they love.

This Eclipse will be auspicious for any endeavors that put the finishing touches on a project you have very hard worked on and in relation to which you have been emotionally involved. You may want to stay away from new plans and starting something new, especially on your own.

The odds may not be in the favour of anyone wishing to quickly burn through some stages of anything, so you might not want to hurry anything. The delays you may perceive at this point will easily be caught up with, once the influence of the Eclipse will be out of your life.

A harmonious period

The second half of August will be blessed with the Mercury Venus sextile, an aspect that is set out to bring harmony into your romantic relationship and to help stave off any negative or offending feelings.

It’s not like you will be seeing everything through rose-tinted glasses but you will most certainly benefit from the positive energy around you.

The fact that you don’t waste time on useless scenarios and imaginary worries will also mean that you tend to be a better company and your charming attitude may even help you with some aspects of your professional life.


Astrological aspect of the month: A Full Moon in Pisces, as the one occurring on the 26th, will obviously get you closer to the source of your emotions and a lot more in touch with the feelings of those close.

The Sun Saturn trine occurring on the 23rd will present the ideal period for you to improve some aspect of your lifestyle, with anything having to do with your health taking priority.

It may be that you take advice from a sibling or a close friend, in any case, someone who has been through something similar and has a rather objective opinion to share.

You may find that this aspect is slightly limiting, in the sense that you may not be able to extend your plans as much as you would wish to. However, there are some very good prospects for this change to materialize.

The Mercury square Jupiter aspect taking place on the 28th will mark a great moment for you to evaluate the effects of the recent change. We say that is a great moment because you are bursting with optimism and will not let yourself influenced by any negative thoughts.


Watch out! The only word of caution revolves around the fact that you shouldn’t promise things whilst in a state of enthusiasm because this might get you in trouble eventually.

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