Pisces August 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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A fantastic month ahead, with occasions to relax properly but also achievements to celebrate. You will be quite busy for the majority of August so make sure you plan accordingly and don’t disappoint anyone by not showing up somewhere you said you would be.

Also, don’t forget to take some time to just be on your own, this will help you get in tune with your real feelings and help you find new ways for personal development.

Around the middle of the month be careful about venturing to do things you have not done before, as in some cases, the luck may run dry.

You benefit from good morale, take advantage of it, but this doesn’t mean you can’t be hurt by offensive behaviours so be careful who you are surrounding yourself by. If you can fix one thing this month, it has to do with being more selective about your entourage and not accepting any toxic people in your life, not one more second.

Pisceans fare well in terms of travel this month too, with little to no incidents on the road and great chances for spiritual illumination, wherever they are going.

Especially the lonely ones feel an awakening of tender feelings, which they will want to share with somebody special. This month, you will have the best chance of finding a partner who has the same opinions as you. So harmony is guaranteed.

August highlights

For Pisceans, the start of August marks a period of dissipation of small misunderstandings, disputes of love, re-launch of professional goals, the desire to readjust their social interaction to the need of those around.

You can benefit, throughout the month, from the advantages of associations in all spheres of your life. So perhaps it is wiser to stick to people and learn to compromise when necessary.

You may encounter some difficulties in expressing yourself clearly during the first week of the month so you might want to be more patient and think twice about what you have to say.

At the same time, you may be more precipitated in the way you speak. The good news is, however, that those close will be there for you.

Around the 14th, some travel occasion may keep you busy planning and you might even need to go shopping because you don’t have everything you need at hand.

Some notable controversy may occur around the 23rd at work and although you might not be the main character in the story, your involvement will be quite serious anyways.

During or around the 26th, an atmosphere beneficial to your sentimental evolution or a business partnership could be established.

From the 27th onwards, you are more assertive in your relationship or partnership. From that time on, you have harmony in the couple.

For the very last days of the month, set your most important targets and focus on them! Be disciplined!

Pisces love horoscope for August 2019

The stars are your side from a romantic perspective this month so you have little to worry about. It’s time to love ad open up with all your heart.

Single natives are going to be all very active, in the game, trying to find someone who is worthy of their advances.

It is also a good time, especially around the 15th, to relaunch an existing relationship, the blooming of an incipient one or the onset of an upcoming one. And for physical relations too. It’s time to explore your body more, it’s the summer after all.

Good discoveries should continue as the month progresses and you could even end up playing matchmaker for your friends. You have an innate sense of who should be with who and you are going to take any chance you have to get people together.

After the 25th, you might be faced with an emotional dilemma you have been trying to avoid for a while now and your feelings about this are going to be quite conflicting. Perhaps you could seek advice from someone older than you, someone you know has a lot more life experience.

Career progress this month

The New Moon right at the start of the month will take place in your sixth house, that of work and diligence.

You are sure to use the positive energy to get a lot of things done and even look at improving your professional goals. Some natives may even take work to new directions and will become more focused on personal development too.

Cultivate new skills, especially during the first week of August, you will be surprised to see that you will use these skills earlier than you’d think, even before the month is over. With Jupiter resuming its direct course through your tenth house on the 11th, be sure that these activities will be benefited.

Towards the 15th, make a new work schedule or organize your work differently, take care of small things, details and don’t even dare to disregard routine activities! It won’t hurt to look at ways to improve your reputation too.

It’s time to show initiative too and group with other people. You will be more active than usual and also a lot more understanding too.

Towards the end of the month, the stars will help you have a wider and clearer perspective on long-term habits and give you optimism necessary to start the necessary changes you see fit.

Throughout August, money is earned by effort and real personal involvement. Even if you have people close to you lending you a hand, it is best just to base yourself on your own capabilities.

Health and wellbeing

On a health and wellbeing level, things make for you in the right direction, so it will be a cheerful month. You will have access to an interesting social scene, which means the start of new friendships and who knows what other kind of collaborations too.

But this is likely to affect your personal life, because you will not have enough time for your loved ones, so be careful.

Avoid complicated situations and doing things at the very last minute because these are the issues that will stress you out and put a big strain on family life too.

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