Pisces August 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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The planets are going to play with your nerves, so you will experience contradictory impulses that are going to leave you perplexed. Each time there will be a situation escaping you, some things may get out of hand.

You will have multiple problems when it comes to solving the everyday issues. The stars are going to be throwing veils on all your projects, so you will go in each and every direction, having troubles to manage one thing or the other.

Luckily, starting with the 12th and until the 17th, things are going to settle, so you will find your mind recovering through confidence. Summer will be here to bring joy to your heart, and things are going to work. You will understand what’s needed to take some steps back.

Weekends and holidays are going to decompress you. Take a break and stay in the sun. Don’t forget about any limitations when it comes to the everyday life, creating more space for new things. Organize all sort of outings with your friends.

Your family and lovers will be essential if you want to grow personally. If, in the month’s beginning, there will be planets carrying you with some force, you will find that little by little your energy is recuperated. Your head will be out of the water sooner or later.

August 2022 Highlights

August is going to be a rather difficult and agitated month. Keep in mind that together with difficulties, there are also opportunities that are bringing the energy of overcoming problems and bringing up all sort of new solutions. It’s important that you relax and rest more.

Focus your attention on the priorities that you have and use your energy in an efficient manner so that you can avoid any distraction. It doesn’t matter what’s happening, you need to have your eyes fixed on your prize and not lose the sight of the goals that you have.

First, the situation needs to be explained. There will be no planet in the native element of your sign, which is Water. The planet that will be here will be the Moon, which will arrive only 7 days in the month. This means that you will need to deal with the unconscious and callous cruelty of the people, who won’t have any connection with their own feelings.

As soon as this will happen, these people won’t express their feelings in an open manner, so it’s important for you to not turn everything into an offense that’s personal.

Furthermore, there will be qualities such as empathy and compassion, which will not be in vogue for this time period. Jupiter, your profession planet is going to leave the sign of Cancer and enter the one of Leo on August 1, making an important headline here.

It will move from the 5th House into the 6th, and signal there will be some changes in the profession. You may change your profession or your job. If in the beginning, you could have achieved your career foals in a creative and slow manner, now success is going to come from your hard work.

The good news is that success is going to arrive. Many planets are going to be re-stimulated for this time period of the eclipse during the month, meaning that which wasn’t faced won’t be faced at all until now. About 40% of planets are going to re-stimulate all this points, with Mercury doing it two times.

You will need to couple with all sort of surprises and shocks at the moment, which will be your best skill. In the end, there’s a different T-square creating tension when it comes to love, career, and home. There are the 3 areas of life that are important and don’t collaborate with one another, so you have to put them together in order to work.

Your plate is going to be quite full, yet the Cosmos will never give more than it can be handled. With all the planets being in their chart’s maximum position, this month won’t be appropriate for asserting yourself or imposing your will. Avoid any power struggle.

Navigate and adapt to overcome any obstacle that might be arising. Cultivate other people’s goodwill, and you will be given goodwill when there’s time for it. There will be many opportunities arising, so you need to be ready for any turbulence or change.

Love will be there, giving you the impression that you’re being temperamental. Finances are going to be good, so chances for business partnerships will arise. In case you are looking to work somewhere, then you’re going to succeed. For entrepreneurs, it would be good to hire people.

Pisces Love Horoscope for August

You will be asking for some tenderness and a little bit of attention. What’s happening to you? In case you are under the impression that you have been forgotten, then this impression is going to be just a bad one.

Your relatives will bring you plenty of proof that they love you and are affectionate about you. There will be times when you will be uncompromising and demanding, yet this will only be a façade. This is a summer in which you will be melting just like snow.

Complicity and sensitivity will be your allies for the entire month. Moments will not be boring; you will have all sort of ideas. Between making plans for vacation and any of the future projects you might be having, there will always be something to do for you.

You will rejoice in the moments you are spending with the partner. You will be so in love. This will be the best time for those of you who happen to be single, so August is going to be twisted for them.

You are a romantic and will find love when not even looking after it, so you will be convinced that if romantic moments are going to come your way, then they will at just the proper time. Around August 21st, you will have your eyes wide open.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Everything is going to work out without any news. Regarding what you need to work and your profession is concerned. However, starting with August 24th, many of the Water Bearers will have the uncontrollable urge of leaving tasks done daily in order to be dedicated to any other activity.

But before any decision in this direction is made, it would be convenient for you to reflect so that you are regaining your calm and avoid what the suffocation experienced is leading to when it comes to worse situations.

As far as money goes, you will have to avoid spending too much, as this will easily throw the budget from balance, taking plenty of time for recovering. There will be an excellent time for everyone. The Sun in the sign of Leo until August 23rd is going to bring you plenty of good news such as promotions, recognition, and all sort of material improvements.

As a result, you will continue on the road you’re going, so you will become able to get to the objectives that have you already set for yourself. Investors, traders, and professionals are also going to be facing the most prosperous time period.

Also, the time will be best for you to make any major change, so have no fear. Just sit and wait for your best occasion to arise, and your intuition will send you to where it’s good and how it’s going to be best for you to act. The natives will make all sort of good profits.

Move forwards and don’t stop. For the month of August, the planet Mars in the 2nd House of the Pisces is going to be in square with Pluto on the 13th, whereas Saturn on the 24th will be in retrograde, passing through the 11th House of the Pisces, just where the planet Jupiter will also be in retreat. This is a configuration suggesting there might be clashes with those from your social environment, such as colleagues and friends.

And for financial reasons, as well as for work assignments and budgeting. While Juno is going to remain in your 8th House of the Pisces, the native is going to maintain the responsible attitude when it comes to managing goods and the third party’s patrimony.

However, things might not be very attentive when it comes to managing own resources or risking investments, as Chiron and Mars will not be only in retrograde, but also Lilith will be in the 2nd House. At work, starting with the 4th and until the 19th, the planet Mercury is going to be visiting the 6th House of the Pisces, transiting what jobs are offering.

Things are going to be issued by all sort of different sectors, from both an inside and an outside point of view when it comes to the work environment. With the New Moon in the sign of Leo until the 18th, which will happen precisely in the 6th House of the Pisces, there’s an indication that the native is going to receive the offer that’s relevant, considering how the game is changing.

In this direction, Mercury entering the sign on the 19th, as well as the Sun on the 22nd, in the 7th House of the Pisces, is facilitating the negotiation of contracts and agreements with some advantageous conditions for all the parties, and especially for the Pisces.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Even if the Pisces are somehow melancholic and hypochondriacal, as the result of their excessive sensitivity, this will be a month in which there will be a lot of energy arriving, as well as the best defences.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that’s allowed for them to remain dominated by any contradictory emotion or fear, especially when it comes to abandonment and changing any old precept, which will be negatively influenced at the physical level.

You’re going to be lucky when it comes to receiving the astral energies that are allowing the native to feel energetic, as well as taking each moment that’s well deserved.

While the natives won’t be as nervous as they were in the previous months, some of the Pisceans are going to be influenced by the circulatory issues, such as cold feet and hands. For example, there will be the clearest indicators that this kind of disorder is going to appear.

As before and it has happened to them most of the time and during some other times in the year, there will be discomforts appearing as a result of overworking or having a sedentary lifestyle. Work will have to be resumed and some exercises will need to be incorporated into the style of work.

It would also be a good idea for them to stop smoking, as this might cause heart problems and issues with the circulation.

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