Pisces December 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-11-20, 3531 views

This December will be a month of mystery and hidden meanings for you but this doesn’t necessary mean that something totally extraordinary is about to happen. Perhaps you are the one to create all this around you and putting your imagination to work is actually beneficial this time of the year.

Some may find that they can work better with others and I wouldn’t be surprised if you will come with some very good projects outcomes or conclusions after all sorts of last minute brainstorm sessions. You will feel like you are in a race continuously but you are only with yourself and you seem to be imposing the pace.

Going against the trend, you prefer to live in the present and don’t really give in to all that looking back and then making new wishes. At the moment, you seem to just want to be comfortable and the more free days you get to do that, the better.

Love matters

The current disposition, especially with Venus’s position, translates into some frustrations in your love life, either that you are not on the same page with your partner in regard to something you really care about or because you feel like something is missing entirely.

For some natives, this might only be the precursor of something bigger, perhaps a change or them finding a new love, while for others, it’s just a bit of acting up. For the second category of Pisceans, the word of advice is just one: honesty.

You may not feel as if you are ready to play with all your cards on the table or may be afraid of your partner’s reactions but if you don’t discuss your expectations or what bothers you (with examples) you are in for a bumpy road anyway.

Stuck in your ways

Around the 10th, you focus on what you want to do a bit too much and seem to be stuck in your ways. This is likely to happen at work. Some conditions may change around you and although you are going to receive so many pointers, you will prefer to ignore those.

If there is no one with enough force of conviction or authority to get you back on track, it will take you a while to realize it and this will most likely mean a lot more work. Mars is prompting you to have initiative but as discussed above, the direction and flexibility you have are all that matter.

And talking about work, it seems that a friends you have there will somewhat turn into a personal confidante, perhaps because you have played a similar role for them in the past.

Finding the right people

The second half of the month looks at collaborations with unlikely people, even when it comes to practical stuff around the house. It may be that you find out that one of your friends can help you with that remodeling you had in mind or that someone else is a great handy man.

A great surprise indeed, especially since you seem to appreciate those connections and are trying to make your best to appear a great person to them as well. In some cases, this just comes naturally to you but in others, you are kind of trying too hard.

Find a subject that you both enjoy speaking about and start from that. Compliments and other comments about what they do might seem a bit too forced.

Some male natives, might even feel undermined by this to some extent but it is important that they don’t act up or that their partners reinforce that this doesn’t put any shadow on their own abilities.

Holiday season

Towards the end of the month, you are very busy but seem to acquit yourself perfectly of both work and personal duties. You feel this sense of responsibility, sometimes quite abruptly and not only you don’t want to disappoint anyone but you also feel this accomplishment when everything goes just right or you can step in to make it right.

Those who are spending the holidays in an extended family formula are going to experience some doubts, just like it is normal but they should sweat this off because it is just that time of the year. Bitter words have no room just like showing off or making others feel bad about their choices.

An older person in the family might reestablish order and will probably bring you closer to more traditional values, some of which you and those closer to your age probably forgot about.

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