Pisces December 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-11-26, 3844 views

You will be able to sort of move the time backwards December and say the things you wanted to say or do the things you simply didn’t have time or courage to do, during the past year.

This has nothing to do with magic but more with your need to get closure on some life aspects and with the fact that you feel stronger in yourself and are less afraid of what others will believe about you.

This month is a great occasion for the best lesson of all: the fact that you live for yourself and then to take care of those close to you. Once you set your priorities in order and tie all the loose ends, you will really feel that you can start 2018 from fresh.

Nostalgic times

You will be rather nostalgic during the first few days of the month as you will try to remember some past times and your partner will be very supportive of you.

This may be happening because you are trying to get back in contact with who you were in the past and you feel that you can achieve this by recalling different moments.

Around the 5th, you may also crave foods from your childhood and will do your best to look for them in shops or prepare them yourself. If you have children yourself, you will be very enthusiastic about explaining them how the holidays were when you were young.

And building up on this, it seems that by doing so, you will compare past times with what you have now and will be very grateful for where you are at the moment.

Being romantic for a reason

After the 10th, you will move into a different kind of mood and will be very attentive and caring with your partner. Venus may contribute to your charm but at the end of the day, it is your persistence and wittiness that will win everyone over.

Whether you prepare a fancy surprise or don’t do anything special, be sure that this time will be one to remember.

This is also a great occasion to be honest about a particular thing that has been on your head for a long time.

If you don’t take this opportunity now, for a variety of reasons, you may end up regretting this later on and may also spoil part of how well you are feeling at the moment.

On the socializing treadmill

The second half of December will be marked by your desire to be very sociable and it seems that you may even neglect some family activities, because you are out there, chasing something else.

Luckily, you won’t be allowed to break the balance completely, and at the end of the day, there won’t be any discussion as to how you prefer to spend your time.

Some natives may want to be careful with what they do in a hurry because there are more chances to break or run stuff. Out of excitement, you may not be thinking clearly and this will become very obvious through your clumsiness.

Keeping with traditions … or not

It seems that in the run up towards the new year, you will try to stay outside of the mainstream and will feel as if everyone else is trying to brainwash you into doing particular activities.

You will sort of keep away from making resolutions and keeping all the superstitions related to the new year.

At the same time, there may be some small compromise that you will make, perhaps because your partner is prompting you to do it.

Also, you may find that you are a lot more at peace if you isolate yourself for a couple of hours, whether or not you decide to use them for meditation.

There is no need to warn you about food however because you seem to be very calculated in terms of how much you are eating or how much drinks you can take so there won’t be any major consequences after all the celebrations.

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