Pisces December 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-11-27, 3756 views

For most people, December is the month of conclusions and new hopes for the future and whilst, to a proportion, this will be true in your case too, there are also other aspects of your life that are preoccupying you.

Perhaps you are trying to be more selective about the people you surround yourself with this month and rather than end thigs, you keep going. You appear to be very optimistic these days and not very willing to make any compromises.

Themes of freedom of expression will surface in different moments, whether in your love life or at work, and you will only try to work to your ideal. This will be supported by the retrograde movement of Saturn in your fifth house, perhaps also a pointer that you should be bold in making wishes this month, as they are more likely to come true.

Don’t sweat over small things you have no control over and enjoy the opportunities that come your way, also, work your intuition more.

December highlights

The first week of December will be a rather educational one, whether you are formally studying, preparing to study after the New Year or if you are just trying to amass information and knowledge on your own, for your personal development.

Regardless of the means, be sure that the result will be linked to expanding your horizon and with making you more open to other people as well.

With the new Moon on the 7th, you might even be put in contact with special talents or with unconventional hobbies.

Around the same time, the Mars Neptune conjunction will drive you towards higher purposes in life or at least will make you more focused on doing something that has tangible results, perhaps something that impacts on the lives of others.

This is a good time for charitable activities, especially as the holidays are approaching. You may wish to keep your actions to yourself, however, not to risk being accused that you are showcasing how generous you are.

The Mercury Neptune square aspect around the 24th may end up producing some strange results on your mind, meaning that you will be quite stubborn and not willing to accept other’s opinions, even if they are blatantly right.

You are in a completely different frame of mind and prefer to only have it your way, even if this affects your interactions with other people. On the other hand, this is your opportunity to allow your creative talents to flourish.

Love life this month

These natives are going to make themselves noticed romantically no matter the circumstances and it seems that they are actually going to be very pleased about this.

Also, it may be that they are going to raise the interest of someone very important, someone who will end up playing an important role in their lives. However, this is not to say that they should let themselves influenced by whomever comes their way.

Relationships that have been going on for a while could potentially take a break from any bickering that might be taking place and natives will have a great time together with their significant others. This is not the time to take on board further commitments so one is advised to be mindful of what promises they are making, especially in the heat of the moment.

Towards the end of the month Venus is boosting the romance in your life but ultimately, it is up to you what you decide to make of this opportunity that is offered to you.

Career aspects in December

The balance of power appears to be shifting which means that things are going to evolve quite quickly in your financial sector throughout the month. There may be some tensions as you start the month, perhaps you are exaggerating with spending too much money on sophisticated gifts.

A similar power struggle may be noticed at work too as you don’t seem to get along with everyone, or at least not as well as you would wish.

Keep an eye on opportunities to change something and to impose your opinions, as well as rely on your intuition for the best decisions. You can create some momentum around your views and this might mean that you then get to lead on an initiative.

Don’t start worrying if things don’t appear to be moving because it seems that at the moment, it is important to bring small steps together and wait for them to later make sense.

Health and wellbeing

You appear to be rather confused about the limits of your body this December so do expect some moments in which you will underestimate your energy levels and feel under the weather although you are perfectly capable of the action you wished to accomplish.

At the other end, there will be moments with excesses, whether of food and drink or other kind, that will put an unusual strain on your body.

It is also recommended to be more careful about the effects of the weather on your body, especially if you are travelling. This is beyond dressing properly for the weather. It may be that you need to hydrate more, take better care of your skin and hair and eat healthier.

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