Pisces December 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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There is nothing to fear this month, if you keep up with the rest, no problem awaits you. However, when it comes to where and how you celebrate the holidays, many plans are going to complicate your life.

Relationships with foreigners are highlighted until the 10th of the month, so chances are, either you go to a foreign country or someone from abroad comes to visit you.

Be cautious about communication, as you tend to respond to whatever comes from others. The professional segment is very dynamic throughout the month.

Important discussions are held with important people, with representatives of some official institutions, plus invitations to social and family events. Choose your words and gestures carefully! Your public image may be wrinkled.

Occupational upheavals are frequent and difficult to understand at first glance. Some of you will detach whilst others will be more approachable than usual.

Also, there will be new opportunities for involvement in socio-professional projects or large-scale humanitarian actions.

December highlights

December starts and ends with you in the spotlight as you are involved in so many social activities, before and after the holidays too. Your exposure will bring you the appreciation and respect of the many and of course that you will be very pleased about this.

You are trying to spend as much time as possible with people with the same ideals as you but try not to neglect your family either, after all Christmas should be all about family.

The middle of the month’s astral context is also conducive to debates, meetings and negotiations regarding the start of a partnership or collaboration. But try not to be too impatient and hurry things as all will happen at the right time, which is most likely to be after the holidays.

During the last week of the month all you will be able to think of will be partying and you will wish to be surrounded by your most loved and cherished at the New Year’s celebration. Some natives may even need to travel in order to accomplish this.

Pisces love horoscope for December 2019

The romantic life of the Pisces natives is rather insignificant in December 2019, and the transits favor more couples already formed, possibly married or with thoughts of marriage.

Mercury, the planet that governs the associations and the marriage of the Pisceans, transits from your tenth house, that of career, throughout most of the month.

As a result, many single or unmarried natives may dream of setting up with someone new, and those who are married are focused on common, long-term goals.

Some conflicts may arise with your significant other if you do not align your expectations.

The solar eclipse at the end of the month may have an impact on your love life in the sense that it will make you be more flirtatious and a lot more attentive to how you are being perceived by others.

Even a friendly relationship may suddenly take a new turn, giving rise to deeper feelings but, with them, along come disturbances and doubts.

Career and finance progress this month

This month will require a great commitment and a lot of work from Pisces, if they want to excel in their professional life. After the first week, your efforts will pay off.

Do not diversify your professional activities now, at the end of this year. Focus on one or two projects and channel your energy into completing them.

Your enthusiasm will be excellent for achieving the desired professional achievements this year, such as promotions, trips abroad. By mid-month, a change of course may be required for some people in this sign. Do not be impulsive, take small steps but dare not to make mistakes and regret later.

People from Pisces will enter in an important phase of their lives this year. Some of your burning desires or ambitions will take shape just as 2019 comes to an end. The planets will help you make some radical changes in your lifestyle, career and personal life.

Channel your energy appropriately to get the best rewards in your life. Do not let emotions overwhelm you, but let creativity and other personal qualities speak for themselves.

Health and wellbeing

Pisceans are advised to stick to their exercise and dieting rituals to have better energy levels in 2019. You will be loaded with all kinds of activities throughout the month, so stored energy will be consumed easily.

Natives are advised to take regular breaks to avoid physical and nervous exhaustion. Your metabolism will be excellent. Be careful to eat fresh foods and stay away from processed foods for this period.

Some people in Pisces are likely to develop certain deficiencies throughout the year. Meditation and yoga can help rejuvenate mental health. Your feeling of optimism will help you to overcome trials.

The end of the year will bring you minor health problems and general fatigue, which you must pay close attention to in order to avoid worse effects later.

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