Pisces December 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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With Christmas around the corner, Pisces will know what they need to do. You will be interested in many things, so you are going to spend a lot of your time reading or watching documentaries.

The people in your surroundings will notice this new passion of yours and grow to be upset on you, as you won’t give them too much of your attention.

The advice is to make December a family month. You can always study more, but the time you could have spent with your loved ones doesn’t come back. If you stay more at home with them, you will have the most beautiful Christmas.

When it comes to work, you won’t rest that much this month. You don’t have to be scared about anything because there will be no problems ahead. Leave Christmas shopping and preparations for the weekends. Take good care of your health and avoid getting a cold at all costs.

December 2020 Highlights

Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius announce there are some great weeks for introspection ahead. The Heaven is protecting you during the 1st decan, but you need to be mature and to show what you’re capable of.

Have an open heart because this is something that characterizes you anyway. December will be a month for love, Pisces. Mars will take care of your affairs and encourage passion, whereas Venus, which will be in trine with Mars and the Sun in Pisces, is going to make more romantic than ever, if that’s even possible.

At the same time, you won’t feel rested until you have the perfect comfort at home, this being the reason why you will shop for home décor elements every time you get some free time.

You will also be more religious and interested in all sort of intellectual activities. Pisces are very sensitive and don’t actually know their own limits. They’re also empathetic, emotional and sometimes agitated.

Their hunches usually tell them what to do, not to mention they can’t distinguish reality from fantasy, and not only sometimes, almost always. Jupiter in Virgo may subtly make you more anxious and feeling like your relationship doesn’t make any sense.

You may look for something new, and Jupiter is going to help you prospect, also find all sort of reasons to fight with your partner. Remain true to what you believe in because this will bring good things your way.

Venus in Scorpio is going to make you more emotional, as well unable to analyze situations from afar, whereas Saturn in Sagittarius will put practical matters in the background, meaning you need to stay as realistic as possible.

Mercury will enter Capricorn and help with this. Don’t hesitate to have an open mind and accept all sort of eccentric behaviors but be down-to-earth and take care of the materialistic side of life too. This is the only way for Pisces to evolve.

Pisces Love Horoscope for December

Your sky will not be cared for by love planets. Until the 15th, Venus in Scorpio will have you emotionally fulfilled and more realistic, so December will be a calm month.

Don’t think about work when at home. Be loyal to your partner and friends because if you aren’t, your world with destabilize. In your romantic relationship, you may grow to be more possessive, but also more sensual.

The energies surrounding you and your other half will be beautiful, and you will adapt to his or her everyday requirements. At the same time, Fire energies will push your balance to a relative point.

Pisces will have a good period of meaningful discussions with their partner starting with the 21st. Until December 16th, Heaven is going to favor their emotional life, especially if they decide to get together with someone from a different cultural background than theirs.

In case your heart has been pushing you abroad as of late, go ahead and travel. From the 16th on, you will ask yourself many professional and money questions.

Career and Finances Horoscope

With Saturn in Sagittarius, you will be warned to remain cautious while closing contracts and when interacting with superiors. However, don’t let anyone step on you.

Work with your insecurities and the things that make you unhappy, so become more responsible. Pay attention to new needs and demands. Saturn will favor you if you overcome obstacles and accumulate more experience, all while becoming aware and mature.

Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn will make you more cunning, resourceful and supportive. Your professional life may be badly influenced by misunderstandings at work. Have patience if you want things to turn in your favor.

Arieses will be suspicious of Pisces, but for no reason. Anything that confuses you should be analyzed. Tauruses will be contagiously calm, so they will help Pisces advance their projects almost to the end.

As always, Virgos in your entourage will criticize, so they should be left alone to judge and discriminate. Since it’s normal for them to creative and imaginative, Pisces will excel at coming up with innovative ideas at work, not to mention they will introduce some changes to make theirs and their colleagues’ everyday life easier.

They will no longer fear anything, so their self-confidence and self-respect will increase, so they won’t have a problem dealing with superiors, clients, business partner, or co-workers. All this will have them achieving many important things in their career.

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