Pisces December 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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Since you have made plans to stay with your family, the period will be favorable to do so, except that, for the month’s first half, you might have your plans affected somehow. Some of the people you love won’t be making your life any easier, so the risk of pressure increasing will still exist.

After, everything will be good, with a quieter atmosphere. You will have your bad mood disappearing, and you will solve any annoyance that might be bothering you. This means you will be able to, with calm, think about Christmas and the holidays.

Without too much effort and by remaining focused in your priorities, your motivation will be found. Use the month’s last week to think about your projects again, as well as to make plans for the new year that’s coming. Generally, December is a constructive month if you can spend a few days doing nothing and just relaxing.

December 2022 Highlights

Like during the past month, profession and your job will be the most important. Pisces’ 10th House will be the strongest, with most planets continuing on your chart’s horizon. Keep things slow until December 22nd. There will be a change in your profession, yet this change will be positive, giving you the impression that you need to reorganize things at your job, organization, or industry.

This will clear your road to success and clear the obstacles, creating all sorts of new opportunities. As soon as the dust will settle, you’re going to face a different industrial and business landscape. There might be a change of jobs, or you might get promoted at the company.

As well, you might receive a new job offer from a company you haven’t even heard of. In case you happen to be an entrepreneur, then reorganizing your staff might work for you.

Therefore, you shouldn’t travel to foreign countries during this event. You will make all sorts of changes that are lasting in both your philosophy and the way you see the world. These are the changes that will generate some transformations.

Change the way you practice religion as well. You might reorganize or restructure the academic and religious institutions of which you’re a part of or with which you are associated. This is a month in which the planets are going to move from the Western sector into the Eastern one, and the power balance will be more in the Eastern one.

The planet ruling you, Neptune, is going to be in direct movement, and you will be more self-assured of your personal power. You will have to ability just to make anything happen, as well as to configure circumstances and conditions.

This will be stronger in you, so you must start taking advantage of what it has to bring. Take a look at the conditions that you want to obtain and work hard to attain them. Other people will adapt to these conditions, whereas those who don’t, will simply let things be and not give you any attention.

Your way will be the best for this time period. The stars will indicate that you need to use your professional power brought by Jupiter and the social network that you are in and is brought by Saturn, to improve your life.

Many Fish natives and especially those who are single, will associate themselves with other people of high ranks during this time period. And while prestige and power will attract you, after December 8th, you will want a friendship with an equal. If you already happen to be in a relationship, then you will want your partner to be your best friend. December will be spectacular in terms of finances.

Pisces Love Horoscope for December

When it comes to sentiments, before you make any plans, you need to know just where you are, to weigh all the aspects of your situation, and to make evaluations that are effective so that you manage to succeed.

You will have the page turning as far as the past goes, deciding to just move forward. While you might want to pierce by insisting on a situation that’s meaningless instead of looking to escape, you have already wasted too much of your time.

Around the 15th, things are going to improve as if magic has landed, and everything will get to be easier, not to mention that communication is going to resume. During that time, your relationship is going to be just fine. The period will be beneficial for you if you are looking to meet all sorts of new people.

You won’t have to make special efforts, as you will be seductive, attractive, and attracted by love. From the month’s second half, you will start breaking the ice, with progress renewing the way you are being spontaneous. Couples that are established will have their partners understanding each other better, as the planets will be offering protection.

In order for the happiness to last, they will have to communicate all the time, as this is going to do them very good. At the same time, they will have to respect one another’s opinions. Single Fish are going to feel great about love, meeting people who think like them, people who are sensitive and can contain themselves, so they are going to fall for someone.

Therefore, many of them are going to get a divorce. What you should do is have fun, as the month seems to be made for fun. On the 15th, the asteroid Chiron is going to start its direct trajectory into the 2nd House of the Pisces. From this astrological placement, it will renew self-confidence, rescue self-esteem, and increase personal affirmation. S

ince Mars will also be present in the 2nd House of Pisces, it can be inferred that the native will be proactive, focused on rebuilding his or her values scale, and aimed at having more wealth.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Those working in a relationship of dependency will receive all sorts of favors. Their superiors are going to recognize what they have done, especially until December 22nd. This is going to have them moving forward confidently and with fullness.

Professionals and self-employed natives will need to be cautious for the month as, even if advances will be emerging, they won’t have the most favorable period for making investments, especially joint investments. Saturn will have the influence of delaying their objectives from being fulfilled.

As a result of their extreme emotions that they will reach throughout the month, they will find themselves being spoiled little by little. Saying goodbye to 2022 will be a celebration, and they will enter 2023 with the hope that their dreams will become a reality.

Chiron on the 15th, will suppose more clarity, as well as coming sense when it comes to managing resources and what’s being shared with people from 3rd parties. On the other hand, Mars also being present in the 2nd House of Pisces is going to have holding Pluto square in the 11th House on the 23rd, indicating that there might be some disagreements over money held together with friends.

A collective project might also be suspended. However, this doesn’t indicate Pisces and their professional plans are going to be affected too seriously.

It’s very likely that this is a response of having a perception on reality that’s false, as the energies that are available indicate promotions, new ventures, and recognitions. Please meditate on what mark you are looking to leave behind, how your knowledge to give others a hand must be put into practice and aligning yourself with some new work goals in case you haven’t yet.

Your Wellbeing This Month

While your health is going to remain protected, your emotions are going to affect your nerves as a result of the changes that you might need to be facing. There will plenty of mental pressure causing increased physical discomfort.

If you want to avoid all these things, then practice breathing and relaxation. Also, chromotherapy might be useful, as it can balance your psyche.

Some other solutions would be using your body language more, meaning you might have to dance, do yoga, play some theatre, anything to have your physical energy unleashed.

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