Pisces February 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-01-23, 2967 views

The stars seem to pave an interesting way for you this February only if you would be interested to follow it. But you don’t want anything that comes easily at this point and you prefer to chase dreams and to work hard in directions not even you understand entirely.

Those close to you might look at you like you are a lunatic but let’s be honest, this is something you actually enjoy and it kind of supports you to go forward on the same path.

Planning and practice

So we are talking about an artsy and idealistic month for most natives but the reverie will often be drastically awaken by different problems arising.

Some might be at work as Mercury doesn’t let you have your way and although you might benefit from a certain degree of eloquence, there are many other arguments you miss out on and you are also lacking in depth.

Natives still in school need to pay attention to their assignments and deadlines because they actually risk getting everything confused.

There is a need for prioritization and the little ones need to learn this as soon as possible in order not to waste their efforts in the wrong direction at the wrong time.

Even grown ups in their offices risk doing the same mistake but at least they have been warned several times and should know they should play this by ear.

But at times it seems that the young ones have a better balance about it all and at least take things as they are rather then criticize and throw the blame at each other.

What a helping hand does

Although you are not the most generous person in the world, towards the middle of the month the whole setting will change and not only you will throw in a helping hand but might also add some extra support out of your own intuition. This might happen with a friend in need or with someone at work. In any case you are not asking for anything in return.

Given that Venus wants a share of this as well, don’t forget to tell about your brave actions at home and who knows how your partner might be enticed by them and will decide to reward you as well in return.

Passionate times ahead for those who have played their cards right and have no open fights with their loved one. In case you do have such a thing going on, be warned that before any relaxation and fun can arise, you will have to take down that fire and resolve the conflict, usually with your compromise.

And of course that in the heat of them moment you won’t care about what you promise or whatever you settle but afterwards, it will be a rude awakening when responsibility finally kicks in.

Social life and beyond

Even your social life will be spiced a bit come the 23rd if you are willing to go on your friends’ hands. Participating in events is going to become mundane activity if you are in the right circle of people but it will require a lot of charm from you to actually become one of the people in the spotlight.

You will probably be quick to seize opportunities of this kind and not only for you but also you’re your partner and you tend to highlight both of you.

Something that you will probably crave once you get the hang of it. A dynamic month can only end in the same spirit, with good and sturdy plans for the oncoming Spring for most natives. However, don’t make those plans during partying because they might not be the most reliable.

Intuitive moments

As the month prepares to come to an end, a significant amount of intuition will put you in quite a sensible position while you are trying to see behind the appearances that are being thrown at you by people close by who want to appear like something they are not.

And it will actually be quite funny because you won’t know whether to tell them that you are reading them like an open book or to let them continue the show.

This coupled with Mars retrograde might also mean that your relationships evolve and maybe you are now in a better position compared to those people and compared to what happened in the previous months.

This doesn’t mean you can bask into arrogance but more should count as a prompt towards a deeper understanding of the human nature.

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