Pisces February 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-01-22, 3797 views

It seems that your influence on those around you is growing this February but you have yet to decide how you are going to use this to your advantage. It may be that you are planning something new and need help or that you just want for things to remain the same way as they are now.

When it comes to different actions, you might find that there is one thing when you are talking and then a completely different thing when it’s time to put what was discussed in practice.

The success of what you do depends more on people, that is why you need to recognize those moments when you can make the best impact.

Working hard

Around the 5th, you are also very intuitive and put a great price on how others behave with you, in terms of the small details of course. It may seem that a lot of misfortune is on your head but perhaps you are just being dramatic.

Some natives will dedicate themselves to doing stuff around the house, whether they receive or not help and whether or not someone is there to applaud them.

And talking about recognition, it seems that this is not happening at work so do consider this gateway closed for this month. You want to be in the spotlight but this doesn’t happen on command so try to be more mature in regard to these outings.

A bit of novelty

Some investments or something significant that you are trying to do with your money is going to stress you a lot and might not sleep a few nights because of that. A lot of warm support and advice is going to come your way via your friends but there are limits to how much you can cry on their shoulders too.

Travel may come into question but you should be very careful, especially to last minute details and especially if you are planning on traveling around the full mood day, 18th of February.

You are advised to go out, discover what is new in your neighborhood, even if this means abandoning the car and braving the weather.

Beware though about making plans with people you’ve just met. It is not like you are naive, but perhaps this period, you find it quite easy to cling to people and somehow put all your eggs in one basket.

Being friendly

We’ve mentioned earlier spending an important sum of money, well this might be related to something calculated and planned in advance and the worries may be normal to some extent.

On the other hand, trying to indulge and spend all of your paycheck on stuff you know deep inside that you don’t really need or, for that matter, afford, is not a wise choice. Some natives may even be forced, by some unexpected expenses, to budget more strictly for the rest of the month.

Around the 23rd, an opportunity to meet with the friend of a friend or similar will require some of your personal time and you might not be willing to do it.

Don’t give up on something that can turn out to be an interesting opportunity just because you don’t feel the time is right. Not to mention the bad karma that might accompany this smugness from your side.

What should go first

There will be discussions about matters of prioritizing actions, especially at home. You may want something, your partner may want the opposite and the wellbeing of the family, in general, will dictate otherwise.

Whether you decide to put yourself forward or take one for the team, it is up to you, but be sure you will ponder for a while on this matter.

Towards the end of the month you might feel this pressure to prove yourself, especially at work, but not necessarily through work related activities.

It may be that you are bragging about something you just did, something you just bought or how successful other members of your family are. There is a very fine line between friendly chit chat to make time pass faster and being obnoxious, though.

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