Pisces February 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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During February, everything that is extravagant, out of the ordinary and difficult to achieve in general, will be attractive to you. You are craving prosperity and stability, preferably in an instant, and don’t seem to be bothered with any of the hidden dangers of wealth.

On the 4th, with Venus squaring Jupiter is all about fun and ascension on the social ladder, without much thought of the present position.

With Venus ruling monetary aspects and Jupiter influencing the gathering of wealth, you have greater chances now to attract the attention of important and powerful people, in the hope that their success may end up rubbing on you too.

A whirlwind of emotions

On Sunday, the 11th, a notable event will take place, as Venus finally arrives in your sign. A spiritual uplift is likely to occur, with your focus changing on the esoteric side of things.

If you are already in a relationship, you will find that you are communicating your feelings better. On the other hand, you may also encounter deceit and self-lying, if you are forcing yourself to keep alive something that is not there anymore.

Some natives may find themselves fixating on small aspects, such as the need to resolve an issue with their partner’s health or a problem they have at work.

Not a bad time for small adventures so a green light for a fling this end of winter, but only if you’re unattached, emotionally available and also willing to learn something about yourself after this experience.

Acting more grownup

You may feel more lonely than usual as the month comes to its middle, due to the partial solar eclipse and the new Moon in Aquarius. No matter how much you will want to romanticize this, you are not alone against the world.

You are actually benefiting from a better position than other times, especially women natives. You will be taken seriously and will benefit from support and compassion.

The new Moon will bring occasions to improve the life of others, even people you have never come in contact with.

Positive change will be reinforced through traditional stereotypes, which, in some cases, may produce you some discomfort, as you would like to portray yourself as a modern, novelty-adoring person.

This is not a bad time for dating and experimenting with your emotions, perhaps even an interesting disposition to start thinking about your soulmate, in contrast to the first few days of the month, when all you could think of was attraction and all you could envision was a fling.

Behind the closed doors

The Mars square Neptune transit is going to be, most likely, the most important aspect of the month, especially as Neptune is in Pisces now. Whilst at its core, this is a confusion bringing disposition, you are making the best out of it by staying away from fear inducing thoughts.

You are weighing the pros and cons of what you want to do and will not let yourself influenced, not even by close friends. Always on the lookout for the intentions of others, you will protect yourself from scandal and deceit all throughout the second half of February.

You may be faced with some vague comments, perhaps in the workplace, and you will spend a great chunk of your time trying to uncover what those really mean.

This is why you may turn into an easy target at work. Hold your ground and request honesty and directness, because this is likely the only way in which you will gain the respect you want.

Hold your ground

It’s all about love and hate and other examples of opposing feelings and sensations in the last days of February, which will be marked by Venus squaring Mars. You will have your fair pick between trouble in paradise and keeping emotions at bay.

Mind your own business and don’t flaunt your strengths or achievements. This is a good moment to be in charge of personal frustrations and to hold back restlessness and negative thoughts.

A particular event may take place, through the duration of which you will be prone to social gaffes or faux pas.

Whilst this may only be a minor thing, in your mind it will obviously take huge proportions and you will discuss about this every time you will get a chance for several days in a row.

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