Pisces February 2020 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2020-01-26, 5381 views

Behind the scenes, many types of activities will surround you this February, which may bring confusion to your inner feelings - confidentiality will be highly desired to assimilate and sort your thoughts.

Your shared sources of income are part of this picture, as activity in this area grows very favorably. The illusion of your responsibilities with personal sources of income seems to be disturbing.

A spark of creativity could alleviate these worries, bringing additional income during the activity. A learning process will also be present.

February highlights

Pisces natives will become very friendly during this period. In February, this will be beneficial for people who are single and looking for their soul mate. You are in front of a romantic, passionate and adventurous period, do not be afraid to let it all surface and enjoy this period to the fullest. Later, you might regret it if you stay away.

Since last week, it seems in your heart that the hopes of a relationship were born. You may not have achieved in all that kind of state awaits you, but this makes things more beautiful, more natural.

If it is a small tingle or a true avalanche, it would be good to start looking for the favorable circumstances for it to happen anyway. That is how you will bring to reality what, now only you feel.

When it comes to work, do not stop to wonder if it is okay to continue here or maybe it is time to try a change. To this question you are struggling to answer for some time and it seems that you have not found that answer yet.

On the one hand it is the desire for change, on the other hand it is the fear of us and of the unknown. It's natural to feel these, especially since you don't have that perfect security over what you hold as competencies.

A small tip, no one is very sure about their skills when it comes to a new activity or place. That is why it is advisable to arm yourself with confidence and start on the road.

You will see that you do not regret and that as time goes by, your confidence and your own strengths and visions grow. You have a great resource at your fingertips, time, which I recommend you use as much as possible for your training and for acquiring new qualities.

Pisces love horoscope for February 2020

Several aspects of your relational and affective life are re-evaluated, and you are best advised not to hurry to make definitive or radically life-changing decisions. It is important to try to decide what you want from a long-term relationship, but to not make decisions now regarding marriage or divorce, as the case may be.

Mercury, the governor of the relations and marriage of Pisces, will be retrograding from the 17th onwards right into your sign.

You may also find that the life partner is not very sincere or brings back into question certain aspects of family life, which you consider to be clear and closed.

The Sun begins its transit through Pisces on the 19th, and the New Moon occurring on the 23rd also takes place in Pisces. This astral context tells us that the last decade of the month is favorable for defining one's own emotional needs and an attitude centered on one's desires and their fulfilment.

Some Pisces dream of a new love relationship and want something completely new in the sentimental plane, while others might decide to build an older relationship on a new basis.

Professional life and money

This month especially affects you emotionally and in the way you interact with others so working in teams might not be your cup of tea. So be careful with your expectations.

It’s quite hard to forge a good working relationship but you will benefit from several days, especially around the 20th, in which you can interact better and you can express yourself with ease.

As for money, I ask for caution. Great caution in financial terms, especially if you have debts, between February 13-14 and 22-24.

Be careful about Mercury, after the 17th and resort to serious analysis of the business partnerships, collaborations and associations in which you are involved or wish to be involved in the future.

Health and wellbeing

In the first two decades of February 2020 you may be more introverted, more concerned about the past, or maybe, of an older condition, but no special health problems are foreseen.

The astral context of this month invites you to focus your energy on new goals and personal and professional renewal, especially after the New Moon on the 23rd.

The energy of this month supports you in changing your lifestyle, in making your program more efficient and in choosing a healthier lifestyle.

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