Pisces Horoscope 2019: Key Yearly Predictions

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Pisceans will find 2019 to be exactly what they need in terms of potential and self-realization. Finally stepping over the boundaries that tied them to a life of inactivity and stagnant observation, they start implementing new and innovative ideas that are all pointing towards success.

If at the beginning, everything seems to work in your favor and there’s nothing to hinder your advances, then the second half of the year will be a little more complicated, so to speak. More work and more effort are needed to accomplish the same thing.

It might be that things suddenly became harder and harder to do, or it might be that it’s you yourself that’s changed. Having an energetic and dynamic personality, nothing can keep you in one place for too long, as you strive to find that which makes you happy and free.


Enhance: One important advice is to always follow your heart and never hesitate to reach for the stars. Dreams are meant to be fulfilled, so ignore the bland criticism and demeaning attitude of others and be audacious and ambitious.

What could happen, failing to accomplish your dream? Fair enough, but you must have learned something from that, putting aside the many skills and knowledge you’ve accumulated. You can try again and again, nothing’s stopping you.

Although it’s a habit of the Pisces to fantasize and dream big, about doing great things and working wonders to achieve success, implementing those plans and acting on them is another thing entirely.

Being of a more contemplative nature, it’s only natural to capitalize on that, but that does not mean everything else should be discarded. Thankfully, Saturn turns that passivity and neutrality into drive and passion, which gives them the tools to fulfill their dreams and thus escape the vicious circle of inaction.

Pisces natives will have to come face to face with themselves and outrun their fears and anxieties, because they only serve as a deterrent, halting their advance. Their efforts are doubled by Saturn’s prodigious influence that instills them with more grit and the will to face the world and come out on top.

As far as family life goes, it’s nothing to worry about. Everything is as it should be, all peaceful and comfortable, nothing going awry or being in disorder. It is therefore very helpful, the support and love of friends and close ones being a guiding factor for Pisceans.

Pisces love horoscope 2019

This year will be a very good one for Pisces natives, when talking about their social and intimate relationships. Meeting new people from all around the world will bring about countless benefits, opportunities for self-development and a chance to gain knowledge about other cultures and traditions.

Couples will seek harmony first and foremost, to compensate for all the conflicts and grievance that you had to go through to get here.

It’s good to know that someone is there for you when the need arises, even more so for the sentimental and sensitive Pisceans, and so you should try to do your best as well.

Although highly attached and reliant on their partner, that does not mean that tolerance turns to stupidity. Self-aware and confident in themselves, they won’t stand it when others trample their dignity and act in a deceitful manner. Leaving is a perfectly viable option and once taken, it’s permanent.

If, on the contrary, all goes well and a Pisces is content and happy with you, believe me that you won’t regret it, not in the least. In fact, it will be a turning point when this native will care deeply for someone else.

They will sensibly try to help them better themselves in any way possible, because great compassion and great kindness are innate characteristics to such individuals.

Pisceans don’t really care about monetary issues and financial accounting, even if that allows them to live a carefree and happy life.

In general, they prefer others to deal with that boring and tedious task, rather than wracking their brains with it. Of course, that does not mean that you can just rob a Piscean blind and he wouldn’t even flinch.

When their kindness and benevolence is being taken for stupidity and naivete, it doesn’t take long before closing your chapter in their life.

Pisces career horoscope 2019

Starting on the right foot, Pisceans would think that everything is going to be a walk in the park all year long.

Not to demoralize them, but come next February, things will start to be harder to accomplish, and more work will have to be put in for the same results. It’s not impossible though, and a safe, intelligent strategy will be a good guide through the storm.

March and April might be the very culmination of that difficult period we were talking about, but, since Pisceans are known for their ambition and perseverance, everything will come together just fine.

Receiving help from outsider sources, friends and acquaintances most likely will help you deal with it more efficiently and with greater benefits to boot.

Your free-spirited nature and independent personality were always predominant in everything you did. And now it may be the time that you started going down the road of a self-made man, starting a business or considering being a freelancer. Either way, it’s all up to you.

Pisces finances in 2019

Jupiter’s influence transforms the Pisces and gives them great luck and also the abilities to exploit it. A great deal of opportunities will appear that could very well signify your potential ascendance towards fame and fortune.


TOP TIP of the year: As always, exercise caution and pay attention to every single aspect of your plan, be determined and never settle for anything less that perfection. That alone should help you reach the peak. Focus, focus and focus some more. There is really no downside to it, none at all. So, forget all about limitations and hesitations and begin the long road to fame and fortune.

Jupiter’s influence transforms the Pisces and gives them great luck and also the abilities to exploit it. A great deal of opportunities will appear that could very well signify your potential ascendance towards fame and fortune.

Now, you’ll receive the benefits of previous plans and projects that you’ve completed, so you see, it’s always worth the effort, regardless of what it it’s directed on. At the end of the day, there will still be rewards and compensations for a time well-spent.

Although endowed with great imaginative powers and inventiveness, Pisceans realize that it’s not only a matter of picturing the goal, but also making it a reality. It’s not enough to want something. Action is equally important, if not the most important aspect of it all.

Pisces health & wellbeing in 2019

If everything seemed to be in perfect order up until this moment, then Houston, we have a problem here.

It’s not anything too serious or critical to talk about, but it’s not something to be overlooked either. Health problems may appear at some point in time, and it is really of paramount importance that you pay close attention to yourself.

Some breathing problems could appear in August and September, but if nothing out of the ordinary happens, then it’s all for the better. After all, only by acting could you set in motion certain events. You may be susceptible to lung problems, but they won’t manifest out of the blue.

Diet, physical effort and meditation should be of a great help in dealing with stress and with regaining your top shape. So, do keep in mind these things when finding yourself in a tough situation.

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