Pisces January 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2015-12-21, 2638 views

Mostly positive experiences to guide you through this January but of course things would be too easy and plain boring without some sort of challenge and it seems that your career area will have this covered.

Family life seems to follow the norm but this is not necessarily a certainty that the stars are not going to play some tricks on you in this direction as well.

What I would be peaceful about is your health thought because it seems that the past few days of rest and positive vibes during the holidays have really helped you recharge your batteries.

Ah, and don’t forget about your secret and deep desires who will kick in adrenaline in yourself at the thought of being uncovered, by the wrong or maybe the right person.

What you need in business

Around the 7th of the month you will start to feel a bit the agitation of getting back to work and of trying to balance again work life and family.

Communication should be your weapon of choice to beat all this but it will probably take you a while to figure that, time in which you’ll struggle to understand what is expected of you.

This is when you’ll be most likely caught with your guard down and where conflict is due to rise. Even the stupidest of reasons is set to produce a fire you’ll have to extinguish with a lot of reasoning and many promises.

Speaking of promises, around the 15th I would be very reluctant to put my money where my mouth is in any context that has to do with emotional matters.

In legal or business matters you might be allowed to take your chances, especially if that agreement is long scheduled. But when it comes to love and anything that has potential drama written on it, I would steer clear from now.

Don’t let yourself influenced or even blackmailed into anything although Venus will really try to tempt you.

How do you challenge yourself?

All this might also transform into a matter of showing personal strength and emotional control and if you put things like this you will actually enjoy to challenge yourself in this direction.

Group activities will probably influence you more than you expect it by giving you an opportunity to meet new people.

You might have to deal with some interesting exchanges, being offered something for what you have and it will take you a lot of courage to say no to some really tempting ideas.

What you need to see from this is actually what things around you value and even the emotional value you have put into them.

Revealing or not, this will put a different price on your income as well and on how you obtain it, maybe you’ll understand better the notion of work, young natives who just started working will probably do as Mars just started residing in Scorpio and pushes your focus on career and development. 

Stress avoidance or how to relax

The second half of the month you will spend probably too much time reflecting on what’s going on at the office, probably until someone in your family will point this out blatantly.

At the same time, some weird coincidences or ambiguities might proposition towards a changed dynamic with your superiors and maybe you should avoid this for everyone’s sake. Follow the signs but don’t exaggerate too much if you don’t have actual proof.

Try to keep these things separately because this will allow you to avoid stress and you won’t feel as if your days are a continuum.

In the same note, allow yourself time to pursue a hobby or at least stay indoors and watch a movie or something. 

Clarify your pathways

Around the 20th some chances to redeem yourself for something you did in the past might rise but there isn’t absolute need for you to feel obliged.

Maybe the situation is that blurry that there is still judgment around it in regards to who carries the blame. It is however a moment for those natives who do carry a stone on their heart and who want to get rid of it in a diplomatic but not too flashy way.

Don’t worry about being in the spotlight because the stars will let you have your anonymity this time.

Some sort of late gift might also show up towards the end of the month but you shouldn’t let this influence how you feel about that particular person or whomever is the sender of that.

Beware of anyone trying to somewhat buy you and although this might not be the case, try to look beyond the simple gesture of a gift. 

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