Pisces January 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-12-21, 3807 views

Another day, another change of mind will seem to be the motto for this January. It seems that you are quite undecided but also feel like there is a world of opportunities out there and you can’t be missing any of them.

This will bring some rather tense moments with those dear to you who won’t always be willing to put up with this attitude of yourself, especially when they are concerned as well. But the good news is that secretly, everyone will accept and enjoy some parts of this ride.

You seem to be in ship shape and use this as a motivational goal for almost all days. Talking and coming in contact with new people is something you will be very at ease to do. Not to mention the great image you are going to portray for yourself.

Stop signing up for things

It seems that you are quite excitable during the first days of the month and if you see an opportunity, you grab it, whether it is right or not for you.

This will get you into quite some sensible situations, overwhelmed with the amount of activities or even chores you have to deal with and also having to give up something personal things or quit in the middle of the whole thing.

Not a great example to set, especially to those young next to you and this will be one of the main reasons you will persevere. This and the fact that you are too stubborn to admit that you have hurried into some things.

It’s no wonder that your partner will treat you like you are a child and some things might actually end up being forbidden to you.

Relationship dynamic

You should move your energy to something useful, perhaps activities around the house. During the 14, 15th weekend you get the chance to redeem yourself.

It’s important that you step with the right foot forward and that you do this genuinely out of care. Romantically speaking this might also help but again, it is up to you how honest you appear and how much work you get to do.

And speaking of relationship dynamics, it seems that you are still operating on some kind of double standard and when it comes to supporting your partner with something they want to do, you kind of let the vibe that you don’t agree.

This will trigger a lot of frustration and perhaps disappointment from their side and the situation can get tense really easily.

Being sociable

Moving on deeper in the second half of the month, you need some kind of reassurance from those around, not only in the personal setting but also at work. Wither that doubt has creeped in or that you have genuine reasons to ask for proof.

You will be misinterpreted because of this so be prepared. As long as you don’t come off as too direct or aggressive, there isn’t something that tells not to behave like this.

Jupiter might bring some peace of mind at home but also some new people in there because all of a sudden you are the most popular person around and seem to make friends everywhere you go.

Some money will be spent to entertain this and although it is not something to interfere with your family budget, it will still bother you.

Remember yourself

You seem to keep the mood for action throughout the month and the 25th and beyond still catch you ready for whatever is being thrown at you. What you don’t realize though is that if you keep this rhythm, all of this will eventually need to be relieved and you might start acting up in a totally inappropriate way.

So find room for yourself, don’t feel like it is something selfish, especially if those around you support you.

The greatest challenge of these days will be to move past this feeling of guilt that you have for not doing the best you can.

But the thing is, if you are burned out and then get sick or who knows what else happens to you, then you won’t be any good either. So do take care of yourself more than you would normally, without remorse.

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