Pisces January 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-12-28, 3410 views

Temper your impulses this January as things are likely to get heated. You can listen to your intuition but try not to be stubborn about what is going on around you.

There will be instances in which your actions may be seen as out of the ordinary and you may be required to give some explanations. The more categorical you are, the more people will doubt what you are doing.

And now that we have taken the warnings out of the picture, we can focus on what is beautiful about January, like your sentimental life which is showing some signs that it may blossom.

Also, you are going to be very diplomatic and charming with new people and ought to create a great impression, especially when you are really invested in making those people like you.

A contradictory nature

You are going to start the month under interesting auspices as you are attractive and sensual and will figure this yourself, early on.

Now, there are two types of reactions that come in mind. One to enjoy what you have and make the best of it and the second, to try to limit your attitude, in order not to attract unwanted attention.

As this moment over lapses with an interior need of yours for peace and quiet, you are likely to become very conflicted as to what there is to be done.

On one hand, you don’t want to miss out on your newly found attractiveness but on the other hand, you are seeking mental peace and don’t feel like getting involved in anything too exciting.

Interesting to see which of the two will eventually prevail but as a spoiler alert, you will spend a lot of time dwelling between your choices.

Time for shopping

Although the holidays have just been round the corner, you are still not done with shopping and now may feel this propensity to spend money.

For some natives, this may be a natural reaction to some things that have been happening whilst for others, it is just a way to spend free time. In both cases however, there may be some contradictory choices in the mix and then some personal doubts.

Luckily, your partner or family are not going to get involved in this so you will not feel extra pressure from them. You will put a stop to this when you feel ready but hopefully, this will happen before you consume all your money.

Remaining true to yourself

After the 20th, you will find your peace through work and it seems that some new motivations are going to come to play. You will think a lot more logical and will count on facts rather than emotions.

And talking about emotions, it seems that you will be able to control yours a lot better than you have in the past days and will resist some strong temptation.

This may come from aspects of your love life, perhaps someone who has been chasing you for a while and now they have upped their game but you are going to remain true to your life values and will not act upon this.

Returning to work aspects, if you want to have a peaceful time, especially on the 27th, you might want to avoid any discussion on sensible topics.

What happens at home

Don’t forget that the end of January is a great period for home activities, especially small things you do to bring harmony in the home.

Remember that what surrounds you is somewhat mirroring your soul and the tidier your environment, the clearer your emotions and mind.

Some natives will feel the need to speak out in front of older people but eventually will refrain themselves from doing this, because they will realize that they don’t want to upset anyone.

Channel the remarkable energy you may be feeling towards positive activities and don’t allow any bitterness to come into your life.

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