Pisces January 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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January will bring positive energy in the area of ​​relationships. You will overcome anything without problems and completely natural. It will be very easy for you to establish new contacts.

As the month progresses, you get more and more involved in the workplace, and the energy you manage to mobilize seems to activate those around you too. In addition, the love life is exactly where you dreamed it to be and you enjoy a deep connection with your partner.

On the other hand, try to be careful when it comes to the interactions you have with a potential business partner.

January highlights

Be open to sudden changes and don’t worry about small details, as long as you have the bigger picture sorted. This month will require adaptability from you more than anything else.

You are surrounded by great people from whose advice you can draw important knowledge but be careful not to annoy any of those by showing yourself too certain of your own thoughts.

Your charm and charisma will be greatly visible, especially after the 20th and you can take advantage of those to get others to follow your lead. Some sort of misunderstanding could lead to conflict with your significant other at home, but only if you forget about paying attention to their feelings.

Pisces love horoscope for January 2020

There are some astrological aspects that you should pay attention to, this January, as they will likely end up influencing how you feel and how you react romantically.

First, there is the Full Moon on January the 10th, a moment where a solution to a romantic impasse can be found.

Neptune’s position will make you feel more detached from your problems and this is when you might be perceived by others as cold and harsh.

Around the middle of the month you will be keen on drawing attention on you but at the same time will not want to follow society’s rules, but rather make up your own. So don’t be surprised if your attitude will not be on everyone’s alley and if your usual charms don’t seem to work.

Towards the end of the month, both single natives and those in relationships are going to start paying great attention to their looks and will likely be drawn to do some changes in their lifestyle.

Romantic living can be very intense for those who are single and for whom a flirt can turn into a relationship. But, given the state of idealization, not every flirt can constitute a future relationship, so pay attention!

Professional life this month

What goes around comes around should be the motto of this month as you may find that both your good and the less good deeds are coming back to bite you.

This is a good time to start fresh, just like January is the first month of the year but try to work with people you know well, rather than jump head first into new partnerships.

The South Node, also present in the Eleventh house, includes some karmic payments, the invoice may be from a previous or past life.

Don’t neglect those close, not even at work and beware of a selfish behaviour. The interests of the group might not seem to beneficial for you now but surely your view will change shortly.

Toward the end of the month you get to see your friends, the world around, group colleagues, with other eyes. Or you simply completely change the environment in which you activate, in an attempt to discover something new. But the change comes with an extreme upheaval.

Health and wellbeing

From a health point of view, the native Pisces may have problems in the chest area, upper part of the lungs in January. Beware of spending too much time out in the cold or of drinking very cold beverages.

Don’t let stress get to you or else your heart can suffer. creativity is also needed from this point of view, in finding ways to relax and get your mind off your problems.

Attention to the consumption of alcoholic beverages, to the consumption of any kind of substance ... there is the danger of poisoning, because your body might be slower with the heavy elimination of toxins, thus resulting in water retention etc.

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