Pisces July 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-06-23, 3525 views

You know how they say that it is either luck in love or money. Well for you this July since to be exactly the same and you don’t get to choose which one to favour. It appears the most likely love will aspect you better and some issues concerning money are going to give you a hard time.

The new Moon at the beginning of the month teaches you a thig or two about your desires and perhaps it is time to make some adjustments to them.

Some natives might find themselves in the position to demand less while others, who have been giving a lot, will finally start reaping the benefits and will be somewhat prompted to be a lot pickier.

There is a lot of tension going on and not only that of the good kind between you and your partner. You might find that your friends are putting some pressure on you and this won’t be something easy to swallow.

Minor delays

At the same time, you are not going to be the easiest person to get along with either as you come up with your own theories and then blindly try to follow them. This is going to be especially complicated at work, mostly for those who are receiving supervision from others.

There will be some moments of pure joy around the 6th as some efforts of yours seem to be recognized. But don’t imagine that you are going to be in the spotlight for too long.

This will soon be just a memory and you will probably have to face new deadlines and challenges.

If you play your cards right, you might be put in the position to ask for extra free time or bring some flexibility to your schedule. Be careful when traveling to and from work or during business trips because small accidents might occur and then delays will prevent you from achieving your goals.

Try something new

We’ve started talking about those interesting prospects in love and then completely missed them. Well, it seems that the big excitement starts around the 10th and keeps going.

Single natives ought to have a little bit more courage. They are advised to make their move, no matter how small the prospects. Better to have tried and lost.

Those in couples are going to find their charm as a great exchange and might resort to some minor manipulation to get things to happen as they want. This will probably be an interesting game to follow but try not to go past certain boundaries.

Whatever you plan on doing

At the same time, make sure you only say things that you truly believe and don’t make any promises you know from the beginning that you cannot keep. There might be a moment around the 18th when you will be attracting attention on you but due to the very wrong reasons.

It appears that the more plans you make with your partner, the more you expose yourself to all kinds of situations and gain more experience. And don’t imagine that this won’t serve you in other areas of your life as well.

At the same time, use the second half of the month to reveal things you didn’t know about your partner but on the other hand, try not to be too inquisitive.

A lot of patience

Around the 22th, the Sun will make a move and therefore you will view things in a more mature manner and also have a lot more patience.

When it comes to other career aspects, it appears that Saturn is stopping you somewhat in your tracks and is demanding a lot of patience and effort. The last week of the month will be particularly complicated by this and you will feel as if time passes really slowly.

You will also find that people tend to regard what you say a lot more seriously and you will force yourself to be as dependable as possible. This is a good time for healthy life principles to surface and you might have a thing or two to learn from those around as well.

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