Pisces July 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-06-25, 3390 views

July is going to be a month with a lot of mental energy and if you pay enough attention to your reactions, you might be able to shape them towards your goals. You need to be honest with yourself this month and accept the things you are not good at.

If you are open to all sorts of changes, some triggered by you, others by members of your family, you will advance faster than expected. On the other hand, there may be some health issues that are going to worry for days, days in which your productivity will be quite low.

The current disposition will give you some sort of healing hand but it will have to do with the emotions of others and you will find that you can provide great support, especially to people you don’t know that well.


The first week of the month will come with this feeling of relief, as if you have passed beyond a bad influence and there is a lot of room to reinvent yourself.

This might happen after a complicated controversy or discussion you have had at work. Although you won’t necessarily have the final say on that, you will still feel very happy that it is finally over.

There may be some days of introversion and you might react in quite an aggravated state if someone says something about your behaviour. You are very protective of your emotions but at the same time, slightly frustrated that you cannot defend them better.

Some natives will feel that enough is enough and will try to discuss with their partners about what they are feeling and although chances are slim that they will find an answer here and then, this is a great occasion to start an own introspection journey.

Celebrating others

It seems that most days after the 10th favour encounters of all kinds, whether we refer to business meetings or plans with friends. You are enjoying the agitation and sort of seek it. Therefore, your agenda will be full and you will be quite productive.

There may also be a meeting that you won’t be able to forget too soon. It might have to do with your future plans and you will award it even a greater importance than it already has.

There may also be some updates on family life, around the 13th, perhaps some sort of celebration that should be in place. Although you won’t be in the spotlight on this occasion, you are very happy for the person that is holding the celebratory moment.

You will even try to give them some advice from your experience, where possible, and your good wishes will probably make themselves felt beyond where you thing.

Some romance ahead

You will find it hard to settle during the second half of the month and everything that is not in tune with you will irritate you, whether is people or actions. You might want to stay away from serious topics of discussions, especially when you see that those around are in a different mood.

What may be urgent for you won’t seem as important for those you have to work with and instead of being able to convince them about the importance you see, you will rather appear desperate.

There are small gestures you can do towards your partner as it seems that this is going to be quite a romantic period. Indulge and gift them something they love. It doesn’t even have to be too expensive.

A well thought gift will go a long way this July. Single natives can use all this romantic disposition to win the heart of their love interest.

Get in tune with yourself

After the 20th, you might feel as if home chores are giving you a head ache but this is only because you are most likely too distracted to get properly organized. If you involve those dear to you, at least for guidance, things are going to move faster.

A piece of advice would be to spend time outdoors, regardless of how the weather is where you live, as long as you are properly dressed for it. This will help you get in tune with your own feelings and will recharge your batteries. Long walks may also be recommended to those who enjoy them, even more if you can do this in the company of your significant other.

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