Pisces July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-06-24, 4602 views

Going with the flow has never been easier than it’s going to be this month and it seems that the only challenges of this July will be linked to your personal development, which is always something good.

This is a month in which you will get the chance to showcase your convictions and to speak out for others. You may not be very courageous at first but seeing that you can brighten the day for others, will give you a different voice.

You are going to be rather subtle in your relationships this month and will not advertise your feelings, despite living intensely.

Don’t expect immediate recognition for your merits thought because people may be too busy with their holidays or their own problems and your moment in the spotlight for your work-related efforts is only going to arrive at a later time.


Enhance! Mind our own business at work and beyond. It may be that you can put the foundation of a great friendship with a very important person by helping them unconditionally at a key point, without them asking for anything.

Exciting promises

A positive start of the first week under the Sun trine Jupiter disposition and you tend to build friendly relationships with almost everyone you come in contact with.

You are sensitive and empathic but also a little selfish because you will still remain in your personal world of dreams. You may even go as far as to enlist people to do certain activities for you, in support of a courageous end goal.

Your partner is not going to reprimand you for this, as you may expect, but on the contrary, will support and even encourage you in your strategies.

However, you are not going to be completely selfish because under the Venus trine Uranus aspect debuting on the 11th you are going to be prompted towards trying something new and your choice will be something that includes a component of helping your peers.


Astrological aspect of the month: A great time for transformational change and for moving away from anything that has been recently holding back from achieving happiness, with the occasion of the Solar Eclipse on the 12th, an eclipse in opposition with Pluto.

You remain a pleasure seeker throughout July and the highlight will be an adventure that will take place around the middle of the month. It will take you a couple of days to return from this and you may even question if it actually ever happened.

But unfortunately, work commitments are surely going to wake you up and it may not be a pleasant awakening, especially with the ton of activities and meeting you may have for the week commencing the 18th.

This is not to say that it will only be work and no play but certainly, the play will only refer to a few social nights out, nothing extraordinary.

The Venus Jupiter sextile occurring on the 22nd will enhance your need for personal comfort but also your craving of someone next to you.


TOP TIP of the month: Your need for affection will be unmatched but your partner may have demands of their own. The single natives are most likely to be moody and inconsolable at this time, this attitude even jeopardizing how they are perceived at work.

Dark secrets ahead

If you don’t want to embarrass yourself or do something that you may live to regret later on, then you must keep your emotions in check.

And another reason why you should do this refers to your health because it seems that the bad blood you are creating for yourself at this point may end up having physical repercussion, such as all sort of aches, a decrease in your immune system and perhaps an acute sickness.

You may want to be careful with your finances around the 24th because the Venus Neptune opposite is not one to nurture reckless behaviour or any degree of risk.

Only money made through hard work will stand the test of time and will have no strings attached. And on top of this, you may find that the Mercury retrograde aspect you will travers from the 26th till the 8th of August, may keep some crucial information from you.


Watch out! Beware of gossip and intrigue at work as it appears that some colleagues are plotting against you or just an honest error will take place. You need to take responsibility for your actions but don’t let others trick you into anything.

The Venus trine Pluto aspect debuting on the 27th will get you more open to the pleasures of life, in the love domain but you may also be able to resist temptation, if you are in a happy relationship.

There will be no excuses if you stray and you may want to be careful because there is no going back if you are being found out.

This aspect is also one that surfaces darks secrets, obsessions and possessiveness so you may want to watch out for the jealousy and wrath of a scorned partner, even if they are just suspicious of you.

To finish on a better note however, it appears that the Lunar Eclipse occurring at the end of July will not melt your emotions as much as it will for other zodiac signs and you will actually stand tall.

Perhaps you are getting a break because you will have been through enough moodiness during the month. In any case, rejoice and if you recognize the signs of struggle in others, try to comfort them.

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