Pisces July 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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In July, the Pisces horoscope emphasizes the rethinking and relaunching of friendships, a harmonious interaction, full of promises, in love, and a professional activity free from doubts, meaningless doubts.

Most of the time Pisces is thinking about how to have a better future. They are not satisfied with the current job and so they will look for something else. As for health, although lately they have neglected it, now is the time to pay more attention to it. A piece of news they will receive at the end of the month will give them hope.

There may be some moments of confusion in the couple's life, but things will return to normal soon enough. However, it is important to realize what you really feel and how you want the future to look like, in order to be able to direct your actions appropriately.

July 2020 highlights

July will intensify your emotions and for this reason you will feel absolutely overwhelmed. Beware of depression and anxiety! If you feel the need to calm down, perhaps you should drink herbal teas and also do meditation, breathing or yoga exercises. Pisces will be forced to do everything to balance their mental state as much as possible.

July can mean for Pisces a decrease in their ambitions. The positioning of the planets is not particularly favorable for big endeavors during this period. If you have difficult questions on your mind, you will have to think about the answers a lot and weigh the pros and cons. You will not be wrong if you postpone some of your dilemmas for later.

Advice for key dates in July:

Around the 2nd: Time to say exactly what is on your mind and be optimistic about your plans.

Around the 7th: Maybe it’s time to cut back a little on some expenses.

Around the 16th: Try to cultivate your good mood, no matter how hard the day may be.

Around the 20th: Protect your nerves and take everything take comes your way with a grain of salt.

Around the 29th: Be the bigger person and compromise to avoid a bigger conflict.

Pisces love horoscope for July

Love needs certainties more than ever this month, fixed landmarks and quantifiable goals ... feelings are kind of left second place.

If you are already in a couple, you seem to long to find the roots of the connection with your life partner. You are motivated to strengthen it, so that it can withstand any kind of misfortune, ominous events, resorting, if necessary, to compromises.

In the event that you are single, you seem to be very careful near a potential partner in love, especially during the second half of the month. Careful! Such extreme caution can put obstacles in the way of a very promising love story!

Career horoscope

This month you may get the chance to not only work from home but also perhaps start a business on your own at home.

You do not seem to be an amateur in initiating any change in financial activity. However, always keep your eyes peeled for opportunities, which can be lost if you do not exploit them as soon as they appear in front of you.

Around the middle of the month you may be more vulnerable when dealing with other people, which can allow them to take advantage of you. It is necessary to regain your self-confidence and never stop promoting your own interests.

More empathetic than usual, you listen with understanding to those who need you and enlighten them on the path they need to follow. Responsiveness to people and what is happening around you is accentuated by an extraordinary intuition.

Because you easily adapt to the unpredictable currents in the ocean of life, the solutions to some of your dilemmas seem to emerge on their own towards the end of the month.

Your wellbeing this month

Although you are eager to spend as much quality time at home as possible, a complex, unpleasant circumstance, which may suddenly appear around the middle of July, seems to mobilize you to ask yourself what makes you feel really good in your home, to what extent you feel supported by your family and support her emotionally, intellectually.

Lucidly balanced answers to these questions are the key to greater peace of mind, both for you and for those close to you.

At the same time, you are urged to reconsider how you react to the ups and downs of life, and thus to adopt a more balanced, calmer attitude to approach them.

However, this does not stop the boiling energy that flows through you, which you must put to work so that you do not fall prey to stress, irritability. You have a period conducive to new beginnings, large-scale initiatives, but you must instil an extra perseverance to resist the temptation to jump quickly from one project to another, without taking noticeable steps forward in any one.

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