Pisces July 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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The movement this month will be beautiful, as you will start July under the best auspices. In case you hadn’t expected such a good change, then it’s the moment for renewing yourself, as you will be in a constructive energy.

July is going to illuminate 2022 for you, as you have facilities. Your projects will be carried out, and you will seem to be heading in the direction of success. Whether in your professional or personal life, you will be daring, and things are going to be crystal clear for you.

You will swim in the clearest waters. It would seem as if nothing and no one can resist you. In case for some of the natives, vacations will mean rest, other people won’t be relaxing their efforts. They will be enthusiastic.

If your success is going to last until the 23rd of July, then you will want your success to last longer, as you will be incredibly motivated. The astral influences are going to push you on paths that have never been borrowed. You won’t have any fear and believe in your own destiny. Adventure from adventure, you will explode your tracks with effervescence.

July 2022 Highlights

Play and work will be two of life’s most important aspects. You will need to find balance between them. If you can bring fun and work together to make your workplace fun, then you need what’s best from both.

You should have things at home becoming quiet in this time period, since the eclipses of the last month’s dust are going to settle. Most planets from bellow your chart’s horizon are going to be below, and while this is going to start to change, you still need to prioritize things there.

The children and their affairs are going to seem very important. You will have emotional harmony giving rise to your many ideas and the creative solutions to many of your problems. Your inner peace is going to be a great thing.

In your social life and love, there will be all sort of developments. Most planets will be in the Western sector, indicating others’ views have a higher value. You will need other people, which will lead to you being popular.

Mercury, your love planet is going to start moving quite fast, indicating that there’s rapid progress and social trust. Venus, your Universal love ruler, is going to enter on the 10th, your 7th House and bring readiness for love, as well as all sort of romantic opportunities.

In case you happen to be single, now there will romantic opportunities as well. Your love needs are going to rapidly change, meaning you need a person who understands you and knows how to adapt to who you are. Until July 7th, you need to communicate your feelings and ideas in a mutual manner, to have your emotional and intellectual communion.

Starting with the 7th and until the 21st, you will essentially want to have all sort of fun. You will be attracted to those who are able to give you entertainment. After July 21, you want someone to serve you practically. With Venus in the sign of Virgo, it’s very likely that you’re going to find that person.

Don’t walk with destructive criticism on you. Just like in June, finances will also be very positive. There will be an agglomeration of planets in the 5th House, indicating that money is coming your way happily and easily.

During July’s first week, you might get some unexpected money, maybe from a parent figure or from your profession. There might also be speculation. Self-esteem will be fine, and the income will come. Ideas and creative forces will drive your basic economy. From the 13th on, money will come from work, and maybe from putting into practice any of the creative ideas you have been receiving.

It will be easy to get the idea but putting it into practice will be the hardest part. This is what will happen after July 13th. Money will also arrive from the job, a normal job.

While you haven’t given as much importance to your profession, there will be plenty of progress starting with the 23rd. Behind scenes, there will be plenty of professional progress. Your health will improve as when compared to the previous months, and you will have more interest in it as well.

Pisces Love Horoscope for July

In spite of the fact that Saturn is influencing your sign, there will once again be fluid understanding in the established couples until July 21st, when the Pisces are going to manage to arrive from where they were without any problem and maintain the relationships with whom they love without any problem.

Unprecedented experiences will be shared, and things are going to lead to having good dialogues, as well as understanding at an intimate level. The Pisces who are lonely will also find love during this month. Cupid is going to wait for you and favor what’s piercing your heart.

In this manner, there will be new joints being generated with the clear promise that things are going to last in time. Nothing will be bad on the side of the loves that you have, as feelings will fly away, so discreet and as usual, you’re going to reveal who you are in a whole new light.

Your susceptibility is only going to become an asset, so you will have the art of transforming situations. Are things going to last, yet in the month of July, things are going to be allowed, so you will be surprised with constructive dialogues. Your partner will be destabilized by the big projects that you have, as well as your ideas.

Your state of mind is going to be good, so the stars are recommending that you release your emotions, so show the passion that you have, yet don’t exaggerate with it. You won’t be sneaking up on anything this time.

Around the date of the 16th, there will be a beautiful afternoon bringing lovers together. July is the month of temptations. This will be a summer of seduction, one in which odds will be put by your side. Around July 19th, there will be a meeting interrupting your plans, so you will be crossing the path of a someone with whom you will fall in love on the spot.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Many successes of those working in a relationship of dependency will be happening for the 1st fortnights, period in which many benefits will be transcendently achieved. Of course, these benefits won’t be noticed immediately.

They will have to be waited for patiently, even if the income will increase. Professionals and the self-employed will as well achieve the advances that are giving them stability, while helping with the progress with economic activities. Put your trust in your intuition more as soon as making any decision, as the Pisces’ innate ability can make differences that are leading to the ultimate success.

You need to tighten the belt so that imminent growth is the main theme of the day. There won’t be any economic limitation supported if the Pisces would make time for an activity that’s aimed at developing their vocation’s dormant aspects. No time for waiting when it comes to this.

In case you have managed to delineate the work path that’s rewarding, there are going to be interesting and new proposals contrasting with the economic difficulties. Those who aren’t happy with what they’re working on will see all sort of new alternatives, yet they should not be rushing into making decisions. On July 11th, Chiron in the 2nd House in retrograde is going to begin, pointing to a certain type of distrust when it comes to generating resources and managing them in an efficient manner.

With Mars in the 2nd House of the Pisces, there will be frustration generated, confronting all sort of new ideas, and the desire will be to act, as well as build dreams. In this direction, associates and family’s support is going to be crucial for those natives that are gaining more security with the management of Juno in the 8th House.

The duty will be towards those that are loved. At work the Sun entering into the 6th House of the Pisces on the 22nd is going to allude to the possibility of being recognized at work, meeting with people who have professional contacts and obtaining new proposals of work.

With the planet Uranus in the 3rd House of the Pisces and Mercury in the 5th House direct trajectory on the 12th, the native will have the interest to present their ideas and assume a prominent position.

However, think that the opposition of the Sun in the 4th House and Jupiter in retrograde in the 11th House on the 14th, will indicate that proposals might not be the best received by colleagues.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Pisces will be prone to any somatization, especially when it comes to the immune system. This means that they need to fortify their organic defences, which is important for them. Any sudden change of the climate might affect them because they’re naturally fragile.

Make sure you eat balanced, and for as much as possible, follow the advice of a professional, taking the time you need for resting. Avoid places that aren’t ventilated properly. This is going to help you have the best time to enjoy the important and many benefits that the month is bringing.

Some helplessness is going to lead to all sort of more or less physical complications. Everyday life is going to easily become too colourless for the Pisces, who’s very imaginative. Even if there’s mental insistence to clinging to the imaginary worlds, the natives should also pay close attention to the simplest things, such as sleeping and eating well, plus the domestic and personal hygiene. Remain attentive and make sure you’re not committing any excess. You will work silently when it comes to how your organism is.


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