Pisces June 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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An inspiration June ahead, in which philosophical endeavours will be intertwined with bold action. In consequence, this month will be a rollercoaster that you navigate with ease, one day taking charge of a serious matter at work, the other isolating yourself to meditate on your relationship.

You may find inspiration in the smallest and most mundane of things this June, which means you will also be more inclined than ever in associating all sort of meanings to whatever happens to you or to whatever people or objects you come across.

There is word of caution for you because of this, one that refers to avoiding the plague of overthinking, especially in personal matters.

Whilst at work it may be easier for you to test things and you can learn from small mistakes, in your personal life, things are rather emotional at this summer debut and you will take any failing as a big hit.

Take notes during the second half of June and try to stay organized. Your creativity will spike around this time and unless you keep on top of what you need to do, being easily distracted will mean that, there will be moments in which you will get stuck, not knowing what needs to happen next.


Enhance! A blossoming month for those willing to embrace whatever life has to offer, with poise and optimism. Your presence will mean a lot at a family gathering.

Possessiveness creeping in

The first week of June remains under the good conditions of the May 15 New Moon and will facilitate communications of all sorts, including those with loved ones.

This is still a great time for setting idealistic goals and for any faith inducing behaviours. Trust your instincts and don’t be afraid of talking about your emotions.

Around the 5th, you may be forced to make some compromises in your private life, in order to accommodate some events taking place in your social life. However, beware of being too explicit with your plans, especially if there is this climate of distrust amongst you and your friends.

With Venus opposing Pluto between the 4th and the 7th, your love relations are going to intensify but so is your behaviour of infatuation and possessiveness. This is when an affair is most likely to take place because you are more prone to taking risks regarding lovemaking.

The Mercury sextile Uranus aspect developing on the 12th will bring exciting news in your life and it seems that this is when you will be most annoyed by your daily routine and will do whatever it takes to escape it.


TOP TIP of the month: Your social and professional lives are going to be very busy and you will develop a real balancing strategy this June to cope with this.

The New Moon on the 13th is a vital one for personal endeavours and will bring further clarity as to what you want to do. This is a good time for young people to figure out what they want to pursue as a career or what their romantic expectations are.

However, don’t be too enthusiastic as to think you are invincible because some suddenly arising health matters may bring you back with your feet on the ground.

Some natives may be required to fight against some debt and will either work harder to pay it or will make legal steps to have it erased, if they consider it unfair. Make sure you ask for specialist advice in these situations.

After the 18th, the Mercury Jupiter trine aspect will have you keep an eye on anything that looks shady and will help you get used to things really quickly. This is an aspect that promotes self-education and improvements of all sorts.

Some natives may change where they live or may improve something in their lifestyle, without spending too much money.


Astrological aspect of the month: With Neptune starting its retrograde motion in your sign on the 19th, be sure your artistic potential will be heightened but also the risk of becoming disillusioned by your own expectations.

Instinctual changes

The Sun Sextile Uranus developing on the 20th is the perfect breeding space for surprises of all sorts but also for coming clean with things you have kept on your soul for a while. Your instincts will guide you towards honesty and you will not feel as afraid of what others may think. With the Sun also residing in the work house, you can use your sense to change the way you work.

Avoid being too opinionated with your superiors because although you are very motivated and know what you are saying, this may not come across as well as you’d like it to.

After the 25th, the Sun moves towards an opposing aspect with Saturn, meaning that frustration may build up, as you can’t really wait for those close to function at the same pace as you.

Harsh words may fly around but at the end of the day, the feeling of isolation will make you tone down your behaviour.


Watch out! During the very last days of the month you will need to stay away from frustrations and feeling miserable, if you want to accomplish anything.

On the 27th, Mars, which is the governing planet for money aspects in your case, will retrograde, so, at a glance, one could say that you should keep your money hidden.

It’s true that this is not going to be a good time for any kind of investments, but you don’t have to be that dramatic either, there are good chances to come up with ideas that don’t require that much money or that much risk.

With a Full Moon on the 28th, you can harvest positive energy from around you and channel all the knowledge you have developed recently, so that you ensure you will be taking the right decisions.

It will not be just money being stuck from circulating but also yourself, in the sense that some travel plans you had made may need to be postponed.

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