Pisces June 2019 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2019-05-26, 4701 views

Prepare for your personal life to be in the spotlight this June and also for some good news that will delight you.

It is a great month to strengthen your relationships with those dear, whether family, work colleagues or friends with whom you have grown distant.

Also, you should not neglect your physical condition, you can do some easy sports for example.

As the month begins, there is a certain tension between your fourth house of needs, family and domestics and the tenth house of career and demonstration of abilities towards others.

Take a look at how you put the needs and expectations of others above your own needs. Perhaps you need to adjust this imbalance a bit.

Take notes, keep a journal, communicate, be honest with yourself. Speak with all cards on the table. Heaven will not fall if you define your life in your terms! Keep the company friendly, inspiring.

June highlights

You are likely to start the first week of June in a very motivated mood, ready to take on the world. And surprisingly, you will accompany this by a lot of patience towards those around. In short, you will be top person others would like to work with.

This will probably last for the first week, before worries and concerns will overwhelm you and before you allow your personal insecurities to return in your life.

To add more gas to the fire, it seems that this will also coincide with a bit of tension and a busier schedule at home too.

During or around the middle of the month, you may again focus more on your loved one and your children or your personal concerns, than your friends or your long-term plans.

In or around the 20th, it may well be the career and family life that attract your attention this time, fighting for the top places on your list of priorities.

Towards the end of the month, you communicate better with your work colleagues, which helps you do your job with more controversy.

Give more time to the family, take care of your living space, and avoid being ashamed as you get valuable advice from older friends or people with more life experience than you!

Pisces love horoscope for June 2019

Mars’ activity in your fifth house of love and adventures will surely activate June in terms of your confidence and your power to charm people you would otherwise find unapproachable.

Or maybe you find the courage to confess your feelings to someone who attracts you or perhaps you already have a relationship, but it's relatively new and you are still trying your best to impress your significant other.

But it seems that romance, especially during the second half of the month, won’t go around those who are in a relationship either so they will also benefit from some tender moments.

Towards the end of June you should pay attention to what you say and to the long-term promises you make, because Neptune, the governor of the Pisces sign, might play some tricks on you, starting the 21st.

Because of this, you can be in the mist, and there is a great need to clarify yourself with you about what you want to do further in life, but you can put in the fog and those near you.

Ideally, you should not give false hopes to others. You better say at first that you do not know whether you want to take on long-term commitments rather than be elusive and leave things undone.

Career progress this month

This month you are about to refresh your professional life and might be taken more seriously than usually. You will be crossing a period of heightened creativity and spontaneity, but there will also be several difficulties on this way.

In June you have to defend your choices and let others understand how your life really is. You enjoy one of the happiest periods of the year, and you have strong astrological aspects on your side, like the New Moon on the 3rd.

But still, for many Pisces, career direction seems to be rather uncertain, and the professional future uncertain. Some Pisces may experience a sudden awakening of reality, no matter how much they try to avoid certain decisions or professional situations.

It is not at all appropriate to hurry for actions and conclusions, but it is better to try a change of perspective, to consult with yourself about what your vocation might be.

It is time to clarify your overall picture, to seek to understand the real situation and to review your possibilities in the long run. In any case, keep in mind that every notable venture takes time and that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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