Pisces March 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-02-25, 3721 views

A month in which Jupiter is retrograde is a month of reflection and marks a return to spiritual matters. There will be moments in which you will be very proud of yourself but there may also be moments in which you will prefer to move away from the spotlight.

Your system of personal values and life principles may be altered, either because you are very keen on obtaining something and are willing to leave everything behind or because you are letting yourself influenced by someone.

You will be running away from boring routines throughout the whole month and luckily, with the Mars trine Uranus, you will be presented with quite a few opportunities to break any rut you may find yourself in.

Follow your instincts but remember that this March, you ought to also have moments of peace in which to reflect on your place.

Keeping up the good mood

With Mercury trine Jupiter and the former planet residing in Pisces, you will be in a good mood for the better part of March but there will also be several moment in which you will appear downcast, perhaps because you will let yourself influenced by the opinions of others.

And if you take a closer look, these opinions are not even that strong. Perhaps you should tell yourself to hold your ground and to filter what comes from others through your own views. There is one things to try and be objective and there is a completely different one to get demotivated because of other’s pessimism.

On the 7th, Venus moves into Aries meaning that you will be a lot more open to childlike fun and activities that require a lot of physical energy. You will tend to sleep better and then will feel like you are in a better shape.

Conflicting choices

Around the 11th, with Mercury squaring Saturn, you are due to take a leap of faith. This could easily materialize in something of importance taking place in your relationship, perhaps you are trying to mend things after a recent conflict.

There is a lot of temptation during this period to only listen to your intuition but this may not prove to be the winning strategy. Don’t be biased and don’t ignore those around, just because what they are saying doesn’t align with your expectations.

After the 17th, Mars in Capricorn will sort of remind you that there is no progress without real effort so you will likely up your game. You will be more attentive at what you are doing at work and at the possible consequences. For some natives, this increase in involvement may also mean that they will take extra hours.

Using your charm

Mercury conjunct with Venus in Aries towards the 20th of the month will mean that honest discussions, especially in regards to love matters, are going to be most appreciated.

You will be able to seize opportunities to show others how much you love and respect them, not only with the intention to impress them.

It appears that trading and all sort of negotiations are going to be benefited, but you might want to do this quickly, before Mercury becomes retrograde. You are sociable and quick to understand and take advantage of what surrounds you.

Even those natives whom are not necessarily keen on making new friends, may find themselves in circumstances where they are genuinely interested in meeting others. If you need to ask for a favor, again, this is a good time, because chances are you will be charming enough to get that granted to you.

Materialism at last

And just before you say goodbye to this month, Venus enters Taurus, to sort of give you a flavor of passion and how exciting your life could be, should you be bolder in your behavior.

For some natives, this may also translate into a greater superficiality and being drawn to the material aspects of life. Your senses are heightened and you will find yourself appreciating a type of aesthetic you would otherwise avoid.

There also appears to be a wealth of information in your life and your intuition will tend to be sharpened by all that you come in contact with, whether it refers or not directly to your life.

Those who work in science or related fields may find that colleagues don’t really understand where they are coming from with the solutions they bring up.

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