Pisces May 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-04-27, 2664 views

While most things seem to be in your favor this May, there are still some areas of stress remaining uncovered and these are the ones you need to be careful in. I am talking about relationships beyond the boundaries of your home and any communication related plans you might have.

Do trust your instincts but make sure everything you put in practice is double checked. It is not that you aren’t making the right choice but more about other people interfering or simple accidents occurring.

The first half of the month will impact you more than the next two weeks to follow as it seems that you will strengthen your own beliefs by then and nothing will surprise you anymore. But starting with the first few days of the month, you are extremely emotional and not really able to contend your emotions in your personal space. 

Alter your suspicions

Perhaps you lack communication with others or on the contrary, something that someone else has said has put you off on a completely different path and now you find it hard to regain your own control. There will be a few days of this kind of blind socialization so come to grips with it now.

In any case, your partner will show you just how much they care about you in a practical manner and this will probably make you even more emotional.

But there is this selfish component in your behavior that won’t probably let you exhibit the same, perhaps because Venus, although is prompting you to be loving, also gives you some suspicions and inability to express yourself entirely.

You need to go out and experience something else, perhaps go to cultural events or something that would be out of the ordinary. It might help if you see your partner in a completely different light.

On the contrary

With Jupiter in good relations with Mercury you are sure to be able to sort things out in your love life and not only. Although at the moment you might not see any way out, in the middle of the issues you never will, but as soon as things cool down you tend to view them in a different perspective.

Some natives might find themselves competing with others for the attention of their loved ones and is not necessarily going to be a fair competition. Therefore, be prepared to take of your hidden weapons, perhaps resort to sweetening things up a bit with some nostalgia.

So gather up some good memories and then maybe try and make a scenario where you can unravel them step by step. Help yourself by scents, foods and atmosphere that can remind them of particular episodes in your lives.

Read something

Around the 20th, Jupiter is showing you just exactly how good you are feeling in your own skin but you seem to take some things for granted and ignore others so you are not really getting all the benefits from the situation.

A good moment for educational endeavors and for research if this is your situation, but you will also be a lot more preoccupied about yourself and you might miss out on the point of some of your work.

This also happens in the office, but there, the pressure is of a different caliber and it seems you are handling things just fine. A bit of humor will make you go even longer so don’t be scared of the odd moments.

What are you following

As the end of the month approaches, more and more compromises seem to come your way but you are not quick to accept any of them and actually fight your way back. Unfortunately, the more opposition, the later things will come to peace so you need to count your battles wisely.

The 27th also marks some spiritual retreat but you may only be pursuing this, either to get away from work or because you want to isolate yourself. You are not really making the best of this occasion and thus you won’t obtain any results, except for getting the day to lazy around.

There is risk of excess in terms of food and drinks, perhaps smoking as well and this will eventually weigh you down further. There are no major health issues but the more you exaggerate with the small things, the more you will experience this restlessness and lack of energy.

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