Pisces May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-04-23, 3283 views

You are going to show a lot of generosity this May and will end up surprising even those close to you with your behavior. The side kick is the fact that you also enjoy this and might push things even further just because of these reactions.

You seem to be very at peace with what is going on in your life, even if things are not necessary ideal and thus you can focus on others. You are not necessarily aiming of fixing important problems but surely you want to do something more.

Matters of communication and how needed it is in your life, are going to arise and you might find a hard time understanding why some of your messages are coming across in such a different way to how they are meant.

Difficult to deal with

Some natives are very close to solving a mystery or something similar and even if we are talking about a casual event, it will still be quite a discover, worth talking about for the rest of the first week of May.

Perhaps someone’s motivations and manipulations are exposed and it seems that on one hand you will create an enemy but on the other, you will win the appreciation of some very important people.

You are quick to put labels and this might ruin your not even started detective career. Some days you will be very irritable, mostly because of being tired.

There is a high risk in these moments that you will say something totally inappropriate, that will have bigger consequences than you can imagine now.

Changes ahead

Venus is responsible with some last minute decisions of yours and the fact that you feel like changing everything around you. Perhaps you should have a little faith in what you already built.

Some natives are looking at making an important purchase but they seem to wait for an answer from someone close before advancing with that. The 15th will be a great time for negotiations and for starting the week in style.

Communication and frequent travel might characterize this month but you will still feel as if you are not evolving at all. You are not realistic and are trying to push boundaries way too much.

In a similar manner, you are pushing your partner towards a choice they are not very happy with, just because you are somewhat bored with assisting them in the decision.

Financial troubles

Around the 18th, money issues are going to surface and you will have to switch your focus towards that and become a lot more responsible.

Some of the younger Pisces may turn to bank mom and dad while others will take upon themselves to deal with whatever is going on.

The stress you undergo now is going to catch up with you so try not to turn too emotional or blame yourself too much. Coming to grips with what has happened and moving ahead is the biggest part of what is going on.

If it helps, resort to physical activities but try not to exaggerate with that because it might render you more tired than you were when you started.

Around the house

It will seem like you are house bound after the 24th but what you are doing is only recharging your batteries. You are advised not to miss out on any opportunity to go out, even if you don’t really feel up for it.

Short distance travel might also brighten your day and there is no need for serious preparing. A one day trip is something impulsive that will help you rekindle your relationship as well. Just make sure the weather is ok because small accidents may happen.

Pleasant events might come from the family area as well, perhaps you will be invited to a special celebration of some kind. At first you might not be very enthusiastic about it, but eventually, it will prove to be a great idea.

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