Pisces May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-04-22, 3650 views

It is time to rejoice as you Pisceans appear to be in a favorable position in most life aspects this May. There are not many things to keep you guessing and it seems that although in the previous month you may have felt overwhelmed, you are now feeling stronger about your own capacities.

This month unexpected progress should be looked out for in the sphere of personal relationships. However, this may come with the added price of you needing to compromise or to help someone close beyond how much you initially wanted to help them.

During the middle of the month, you may have to stay away from a big expenditure and may want to be careful about investing in any projects, especially endeavor of which you find out from your colleagues.


Astrological aspect of the month: Mars in Aquarius will make you more sensitive to aspects of freedom and suddenly, your personal space will become very important to you, even in the detriment of close nit relations with your partner.

Maintaining a fragile balance

You will be very active from the point of view of communications this month, although there will be some disruptions too, perhaps something at work, preventing you from reaching the result you expect. The word of advice is to try and be consistent and to look for steady growth rather than overnight results.

Around the 7th, you will feel this need to belong to a group and may be willing to compromise on some life principles, in order to be accepted by them. This may also cause some minor conflicts with someone dear.

Mercury is in your neighboring sign, Aries, meaning that it is time to evaluate your lifestyle a bit and to try and improve your daily living.


Enhance: You may want to keep an eye on any collaboration and partnership opportunities arising somewhere around the 10th. You can leap into them effortlessly, perhaps even initiate them in your free time.

Pluto in Capricorn is talking about the fragile balance you achieve at home, perhaps because you will tend to worry slightly too much about small details, at the beginning of the month.

Neptune in your sign may bring about some clues as to whom you should be trusting or not, thus helping you to make some good, long term decisions at work.

Again, collaboration opportunities may surface after the 11th but on this occasion, it appears that you have learned your lesson and will be negotiating thoroughly, without any thought of giving up your position.

With the entrance of Mars in the twelfth house on 16 May, you will be drawn towards quick qays of making money, more of less legal and of course, you will be predisposed towards spending more than you can afford.


Watch out! On the 16th, the patron of hard earned money, Mars, will enter your twelfth house, bringing with it a tendency to reckless spending and risk taking. You will take these things lighter than you should, perhaps also in an attempt to show that you belong to your group, if the others are doing to same.

Time for self-expression

Because Venus is in the fifth house, the focus of your pampering will be your partner. So, this is actually a good time to make amends respective of things you have done wrong in the past.

Your unconventional ways may also surface and you will likely surprise those around with your creativity and fun ideas. Even elderly natives will be drawn to spending more time with younger people and towards pursuing artistic endeavors.

During this time, you will focus on self-expression and on surfacing emotions that can bring you in harmony with everyone around.

Some negative thought patterns may blight you but luckily, with the Mercury trine Pluto aspect forming on the 25th, you will sort of come back to your senses.

You will be much more interested in your relationship and will start making plans for the near future. Not a bad occasion to finally book that weekend away, you keep thinking about.


TOP TIP of the month: On the 25th, you will witness a favourable trine between Pluto and Mercury, one that will benefit any practical activities you have going on in your life now. On top of this, your sharp tongue and unconventional wits will ensure you win every negotiation.

There is also a word of caution towards the end of the month, linked to your behavior at work and the tendency you may have, to doubt your self-worth. You don’t really want to see what you are good at, even when others are blatant about it.

The last three days are favorable to dealing with personal issues and single natives may find that the way they communicate is understood a lot easier.

The Venus Jupiter trine bring an optimistic outlook and a tendency to indulge, you will not be able to resist temptation, whether romantic or simply culinary.

This end of May is actually notorious about being a really auspicious time for marriages, however, you may need to just make good with planning for now.

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